9 things you will experience if you have a friend from Godavari Districts.



1. “Nanna garandi….”-  If a girl says something like this, I bet she is from East Godavari.

2. Paddathii. ->People from this place are brand ambassadors for “Athidhi devo bhava”



“Evarina Murder chesi champestaru… Kani vellu “Maryada” chesi                       champestaru”.

3. Yasa..  “Yeraaa…..Yekaddaaaaa Unnavu raaaaa…..Cheparaa babuuuuuuu”


4. Movies ->  In fact all the banters involve at least a movie dialogue.



5. They mingle pretty easily with others.

Try catching a train to Kakinada, Rajamundry, Eluru, Bhimavaram or any of the Godavari Areas 😀   You will only get down with a new friend. 😀




6. Aayieee.  This is the  one well known word.  Even if you troll them with this they don’t care, Its all about being authentic 😉 



7. They love Non veg, They Live Non Veg.  Especially “Fish”.

g3                   “Tirigevi, Eedevi, Yegirevi, Paakevi, dhorlevi …What not ”

Oka pakka Chepala Cheruvulu, Inko pakka Samudram, Madyalo Gadavari. 😀

That Explains.!!

8. These  are the people who will give you the huge respect  in all situations.


“cheppandi….” “alagey Nandi..”…”sarey andi….”

9.   “Yetakram ”  – This is the inbuilt quality with out this they  can’t survive in their daily routine.



“Kadupuki karam tentunaro telidu…Yetakaram tintunaro telidu…” 😛

Godavari District’s people are must have ones in your friend’s group, you are missing some real stuff if there’s isn’t any around 😉