Flipkart's new office

Flipkart’s new office is amazing! Check it out.


Flipkart’s new office has been recently completed. It is India’s single largest office space leasing deal so far, signing up for a 2-million-sq-ft custom-built office campus in Bengaluru. The e-commerce company seeks to expand operations and workforce. It is reported that this 2 million sq ft of office space seats over 20,000 people.

Flipkart’s new office is located at Cesna Business Park on Sarjapur Road is just amazing. It has hints of youthful work culture of the company accompanied with numerous recreational areas, including a miniature golf area, library, hallways designed like running tracks, game zones, and various installations.

Apart from these, there are special sectors dedicated to literature, art, technology, music, advertising, science, cinema and so on.
The company has signed India’s single largest office space leasing deal with Embassy Group for 20 years. They realized that they have diverse employees and this office has something to offer for every kind of employee.

Take a look at the Flipkart’s new office:


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

The building got its looks from the regal black glass-concrete build and has Flipkart’s new logo tastefully positioned at the top.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

The first 2 things you notice when you enter the building are the logo and the photos of legends in its background.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

You’ll see pictures of legends in their respective fields in every floor.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

Here is a well-spaced cafeteria for the employees.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

A mini golf course right in the center of the office! Now this is cool.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

And then comes a running track.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

Do these look like hangout rooms? No right?


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

This is uber cool! I would never leave this room.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

While the other areas are full of Nerdy & funky quotient, the preferred a clean and minimalist design for the discussion rooms.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

Remember, BAR-CODE. Now can i grab my beer please!


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

A heaven for the geeks is all I can say.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

These labs must be fun for sure.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

The work places seem to be brightly lit and comfortable.


Flipkart's new officeSourceFB

A few funky walls here and there. Sprinkle your creativity everywhere!


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

Here comes the library.


Flipkart's new officeSource: FB

This is such a pleasant reading room!


Flipkart 25Source: FB

The moment I saw the roof, I fell in love with it.


Flipkart 27

Source: FB

These pics made us fall in love with the work space!


Flipkart 11Source: FB

Is that a sewing machine right in the middle of the office?


Flipkart 16Source: FB

This wall is lovely!


Flipkart 17Source: FB

If that’s a breakout room, I’m never gonna return to my work station again!
Flipkart 21Source: FB

Here is another hangout room.


Flipkart 5Source: FB

Now, this is what we call A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Who wouldn’t want to work in the Flipkart’s new office. With such a amazing and comfortable interior, it won’t be much of a surprise if Flipkart sees a flood of job applications.

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