Fast and Furious: 8 – Bhaade Ka Badla, a rib tickling battle unfold between rickshaw drivers and private cabbies!


With summer already here and the sizzling heat we suffer 24×7, the most annoying encounters we experience each day are undoubtedly with the rickshawalas. From rickshaws in Mumbai and autos in Delhi, every common man faces the supremacy of these rickshaw drivers on a daily basis. Enacting this reality is Culture Machine- The Digital Video Entertainment Company’s popular channel- Being Indian. Narrated on the same tone as The Fast and Furious, this video is based on the unspoken battle between rickshaws and private cabs.

Titled FF8: Bhaade Ka Badla, hysterically shows the harsh reality of adamant autowalas cursing through the city. From their unwavering choices to their inflexible attitude, this video shows the common acts witnessed by regular transporters in their city.