10 misconceptions & Ironies caused by Pseudo Feminism in India.


As the world is growing with people exploring and understanding the rules and norms that drive the society on the sociological and psychological basis, Feminism stands out to be the top impeccable social phenomena. However, feminism is often mixed with Faux feminism and is used to their own significance by most of the contemporary women. And this is why, men hate and are vary of opposing feminism. Women should remember that feminism is not rising above men and dominating them, but is to shell benefits in respective fields seeking equality.
These few misconceptions of feminism will let make you realize that you might be doing it wrong:

1. “I’m a modern feminist and I can dress the way, I want”

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Sure, you can. But is that it? Feminism is defined as to have equal rights for women in order to attain scope on social contexts. One should not tag personal preference as a feministic trait.

2. “Hollymolly, I’m a conventional feminist! But my income stays with me”

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Most of the feminists are annoyed by the thought of giving equal participation in family’s purchase bucket. They seek equality and yet believes in the phrase “Husband is the sole breadwinner of the entire family”. I mean, hypocrites; eh?

3. “I seek equality. Hello? This is a ladies seat”

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One should understand that equality is not confined to particular set of things. If you’re seeking equality, you should be doing it in the right way. If you’re strong enough to stand for yourself, be strong enough to stand in queues and busses.

4. “I love being independent. Can you believe that we split the bill?”

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If you’re independent and when a guy asks you to share your part of the bill, stop naming him a loser.

5. “I’m a true feminist. Look at that slut, throwing herself on guys”

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Again. If you’re a conventional feminist, slut shaming your gender is a liability. You’re doing it wrong. Don’t ever bad mouth or judge someone of same sex.

6. “Your guy hit you? Let’s go to Police. You hit your guy? Let’s go to the police”

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Feminism, faux feminism and female chauvinism are three entirely different things. A feminist should seek justice for both men and women and shouldn’t be biased towards particular gender in the name of equality.

7. “But, you’re a guy. You can’t be a feminist”

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If you disagree with the concepts of matriarchy and patriarchy as they flaunt the dominance of a particular gender, then disapproving the thought of men being feminists is wrong.

8. “I’m a feminist. I’m grumpy and delusional”

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Not all feminists are grumpy, crazy, tough bunch with debating spirit. Sure, they may have their logics; but they are equally sassy and sarcastic with right sense of humor. Don’t generalize.

9. “I fight for feminism. It means I can sleep with anyone and put a tag on it”

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No, you can’t. Stop using “feminism” for your own benefits like the one above. Sexual preferences and needs have nothing to do with feministic revolution. You just liked a guy and you want to do it with him. That’s all.

10. “Feminist? What’s your girlfriend’s name?”

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The misconception that all feminists are men haters should be abolished. Feminists can be feminine and can be in relationship with guys. Not all feminists are lesbians.
Feminism plays a crucial role in ensuring women that they are eligible to enjoy and make use of their rights in all the aspects. Therefore, when used in the right way; they make an exemplary change in the society.

Southie : Jeevana Mounika.