13 Interesting Facts about INS Kursura – Vizag, Asia’s First Submarine Museum.


1. INS Kursura has traveled a total distance of 1,36,100 kilometers . That might not look like a lot, but it’s greater than the diameter of the earth.


2. To move the submarine to the current location , it took a staggering 18 months and around 5,50,00,000 rupees . Yes , five and a half crores !

Source : The Hindu

3. Six retired naval personnel serve as guides and another one as the curator.


4. After Hudhud Cyclone, INS Kursura was under threat of being flooded. But timely intervention by the state government ensured that the issue was taken care of. After extensive repairs, the grand old beauty is now open to the public .

4Source : The Hindu 

5. The work of the members of the crew has not gone unnoticed. Kursura sees close to 3 lakh patriotic visitors every year generating  a revenue of 1,00,00,000 rupees each year.


6. INS Kursura has served the nation for over 31 years (1969-2001).  It’s amazing to think that the submarine has served more years than how most of us are !

Vizag Beach Road-001SourceNavin Bahirwani / South Report

7. This beauty has been to many countries – both as a war time machine of destruction and as a messenger of peace.

Countries include Russia, Sweden, Mauritius, Spain, Ghana and Pakistan ( the Pakistani forces didn’t exactly welcome Kursura, but let’s save that for some other day 🙂 )

8Source: The Indian Navy

8. 77 men on board share 2 wash basins and 2 toilets for month at sea. Speaking from personal experience, that is NOT fun to even imagine. Great job Indian Navy folks.


9. And how are these men fed ? From a kitchen that is smaller than a public telephone booth, ( dimensions  4’*6’”), 2 cooks prepare meals for the whole crew.


10. INS Kursura has a top speed of 30 kmph. For armament, it has 10  533 mm torpedo tubes with 22 Type 53 torpedoes. Lots of firepower, we must say !


11. The concept of using a submarine as a museum is the first of it’s kind in Asia. It was inaugurated by the then Chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu on 9th August,2002. It was his brain child and he was instrumental in ensuring that the project be executed with timely lobbying with Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

14Source: The Hindu Business Line

12. INS Kursura still receives the navy’s “Dressing Ship” honour, which is usually only awarded to active ships.

13. It’s length is 91 meters , longer than the Boeing 747, the Airbus A380 or even the world’s largest plane – the Antonov An-225 Mriya.

To even look at it is staggering enough .



Time to Visit our Nation’s Pride in the City of Destiny.

Go say Hello Kursura.!

Photography: Navin Bahirwani exclusives for SouthReport.com