The Facts that you didn’t know about Charminar.


1. How old do you think it is ?



The Charminar will be celebrating it’s four hundred and twenty fifth birthday this year. That’s pretty well maintained a structure, considering the age !

2. Secret tunnels and mystery stories.


According to tales of old, there exists a secret tunnel between the charminar , leading all the way to the Golkonda fort. There have also been rumors of treasures being hidden there. But till date , no one has been able to locate the route. The story is till shrouded in mystery.

3. The center of the city.


The Charminar is considered to be the centre of the city, and with good reason. The city was planned on a grid iron pattern, around the Charminar, with two main roads intersecting and running north-south and east-west.

4. Significance of the Charminar.


It also has a lot of religious significance. It is believed that Charminar was built to honor a promise Quli Qutb Shah made to Allah.

5. Built to signify the end of plague in the city.


The city is built on a miracle. Legend has it that Quli Qutub Shah decided to build the monument as a commemoration when the plague ended.

6. First multi storeyed structure in the city.


Perhaps the cyber towers make us forget that the very first multi storeyed structure to ever be built in Hyderabad was the Charminar.

7. A cat’s head in the Charminar.

Charminar CatSource Footloose and fancyfree

There is a cat’s head designed in the apex of one of the small arches on the eastern side. Why ? Because cats keep away rats , and rats almost destroyed Hyderabad once.

8. Different religions co-exist peacefully.


The Charminar is also a symbol of multiple faiths coexisting at one place. The confluence of the atmospheres of both the Bhagyalakshmi temple and the Mecca Masjid bring into picture the cultural and religious harmony of the city.

9. Iranian inspiration


Ever heard of the Iranian city of Isfahan.? Well, Hyderabad’s founder Quli Qutub Shah was so impressed by the city that he decied to model Hyderabad after it.

10. The charminar is all about a woman

9Source Sulekha Travel

Legend also has it that he built the Charminar, along with the city of Hyderabad, to honor the memories of his wife Bhagamathi.

11. Reasons why it is called CHARminar.


According to the ASI, there are around 20 reasons why the charminar has it’s chaar (4) in it . That’s right , twenty !

12. The restoration process for charminar


For the process of restoration, the Original mixture being used –
A paste made up of lime, jaggery, harra juice, fenugreek leaves and seeds will be applied to the monument.

13. It’s a Hyderabadi icon.


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