20 Fascinating Facts about Indian Railways that you didn’t know before.


The one good thing British left with India apart from English education system and cricket is Indian Railways.

Apart from being the third largest Railway network in the world, Indian Railways has the largest rail network in Asia and the world’s second largest railway network under single management.

Indian Railways runs around 11,000 trains everyday, of which 7,000 are passenger trains. This is one of the biggest organisations in world and of course coined as the Busiest Organisation in The Rail Industry.

Here are 20 Fascinating facts of Indian Railways which you should know.

1. It is the largest employer in the world.

Indian Railways trainSourceFlickr

Employing just over 1.307 million people, yes it is the largest employer in the world and you people thought it was Infosys or Cognizant.

2. Longest Platform in the World doesn’t belongs to the Bengalis anymore.


Sorry KHARAGPUR, you are not the big daddy anymore. Make way for GHORAKPUR People!

The City in Uttar Pradesh, India with a platform 1,366.33 meters long.

3. It operates four international trains! A feat not achieved by even by some of the most developed countries in this 21st century.

india pakistan trainSourcedistancebetweencities

The Friendly SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS  from India to Pakistan.

The THAR EXPRESS from  Munbao (Rajastan,India) to Khokrapar (Sindh,Pakistan).

The SOUTH ASIAN EXPRESS from Islamabad, Pakistan -New Delhi, India

The MAITRI EXPRESS From Dhakha to Kolkata.

Yes we Indians make our international commute through trains, Because flights are too mainstream.

4. Mumbai,Howrah, New Delhi are the top three busiest Stations in the Country.

mubai railway stationSourceFlickr

Yes, Because Every common man from India always wanted to make up their way in these cities.

5. Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh is the only Station in India to have five entrance gates with booking counters.

Vijayawada railway junction-001

The station is so crowded all the time that the government had to build 5 entrance gates to compensate the rush.

6. These are the names of the last stations in North-South-East-West direction. 

train india specialSourceFlickr

Northernmost railway station is Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir.

Westernmost is Naliya near Bhuj in Gujarat.

Southernmost railway station is Kanyakumari,

while the last station on the East of India is Ledo on branch line from Tinsukia.

Know our Boundaries.

7. It operates to meet the daily commute needs of a population of 13 million passengers.


Yes, your heard it right. Guess what, this equals to the population of Switzerland and North Korea together.

8. Two thirds of the Modern Engine needs of the Indian Railways is from Bombardier. 

railway engineSourceFlickr

Wohoo! Smells like German in here!

9. This baby is 161 years old.  8012299045_6ee9670e31_bSource

Our Fore Fathers got the First Ride.

10. It Never had a toilet for 50 long years.


Wonder where people had to pee. They were only installed after the protest by a man named Okhil Chandra Babu from Bengal.

11. We are proud of our 12th Longest Train in the World from Kanyakumari(Tamil Nadu) to Dibrugarh (Assam).


Train lovers and Travellers, this train is for you people.

12. Longest Railway Station Name is “SRIVENKATANARASIMHARAJUVARIPETA” from Andhra Pradesh and Shortest being IB From Orissa.

longest railway station nameSourceYoutube

okay, to make it easy, its “Sri-Venkata-Narasimha-Raju-Vaari-Peta”

You are welcome.

13. Indian Railways Run Five Luxury Trains and One Buddhist Circuit Train for Tourists.

MAharaja Express IndiaSourceFlickr

Deccan Odyssey, Palace on Wheels, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and the Maharaja Express

The Mahaparinirvan Express here is the Buddhist Circuit Train..

 14. It Transports 2.65 million tonnes of freight each day.

goods train indiaSourceFlickr

Wonder how Flipkart and Amazon reaches your place quick?

Thank Indian Railways.

15. They have an annual revenue base of Rs 1,06,000 crore ($19 billion).

church gate stationSourceFlickr

 Equals the GDP of Oman..!!

16. Mumbai’s local trains are amongst the world’s few to have 15 coaches.

mumbai local trainsSource


Shanghai’s local trains come close with 12 coaches.

17. First Underground Metro Station ever is Kolkata.


Now this Belongs to Bengalis.

18. Indian Railways have approximately 10.65 lakh acres of land.

Indian railwaysSourceFlickr

About 90 per cent of this land is under Railway’s operational and allied usages. The total vacant land, at present is about 1.13 lakh acre.

19. India’s highest railway station is Ghum (West Bengal).

Indian Railways himalayan railwaySourceFlickr/Matt Paish

India’s highest railway station, and world’s 14th. Close to Darjeeling, it lies on one of the most beautiful railway tracks in the world.

Yes..One of the stations you saw in Ranbir Kapoor’s BARFI!

20. Bhawani Mandi Railway Station is the only Station in India existing in Two States.


The division of this station and its periphery between the two states (MP, Rajasthan) is nearly 50-50.

The Entrance and Waiting Room are in Rajasthan, while booking windows in Madhya Pradesh.

Roaming Charges..at its best pace.!

Last but not the least, Being one of the Largest Government Organization, Indian Railways is Least or Almost No Corruption Department.

Proud? welcome to the club 😉

Southie: Krishna Akhil Achanta