20 Facts to Prove that Bangalore is the Coolest Place to Live in.


It is easy to say that Bangalore is the third largest city and fifth-largest metropolitan in India or that everyone is awe-inspired by its pleasant climate and beauty which are well known facts.

There is much more Bangalore than this.!

Though now Termed as Bengaluru means ‘The City of Guards’.

Another story originates from Hoysala king Veera Ballala, who when being fed boiled beans called the place ‘Benda-Kaal-Uru (land of boiled beans).

Now Here are 20 points to Prove why Bangalore is the coolest place to live in.

1. True Cosmopolitan


The population of local Kannadigas in Bangalore is less than 41%. Hence a true cosmopolitan with around 25% Tamilians, 14% Telugites, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans, and 6% a mixture of all races. You thought More of Kannad-ish didn’t you..!!

2. Engineers and IT Companies. Still a better story than Twilight.

Bangalore ITSourceWiki

Bangalore has highest percentage of engineers in the world, with more than a million IT professionals making the city their home.

Your chances are high when you are at this place.

The word Bangalored is often used in USA and was added to English language. This means the job was outsourced to Bangalore, India.

3. Lakes and Lakes everywhere.

Bangalore lakesSourceFlickr/Abhilash

With more than 200 lakes and tanks, Bangalore could boast of highest number of lakes earlier, but most of them are untraceable due to land encroachment and they turned into Golf courses and Clubs.

4. Garden City of India is a known fact.

Bangalore assemblySourceFlickr/John Hoey

But How many of you know that 55% of Bengaluru is covered with them…

Nearly 40% of Bengaluru’s landscape is gardens/parks & 15% lakes/ponds .

Don’t forget to check out The Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park

5. Bengaluru is the ‘Pub Capital of India’.

bangalore pubSourcedatinginindia

Want a fancy social life.? This is the best place.

Bangalore has an active night culture and is home to over 800 clubs and bars. Don’t try Bar Hopping, you will have a blank out for sure then.!

The city is also referred to by many as the “Pub Capital of India”.

You MUST TRY these Pecos, The Club Inferno, Kyra Theatre and TGIF.

6. Bengaluru is the Birthplace of the mighty MTR.

mtr masalaSourceMTR Stores.

Ever wondered why your South Indian Cuisine tastes Awesome!?

Home to Bisibele Bath, Rava Idli and other Carnatic Cuisine.

7. Bangalore is also known as Ham Radio Capital of India.

ham radioSourceWiki/Venglin

Let’s listen to Communication Guys.

Number 1:

Has highest Number of Amateur (Ham) Radio licence holders and their activities.

Number 2:

Lions Clubs International Amateur (Ham) Radio Club VU2LCI has its base here.

8. Bengaluru is the Start Up Capital of India.

Red busSourceYourStory

Bangalore is the Start Up Capital of India. Hundreds of Start Ups come up every month and some grow real big.

Redbus.in started in Bangalore in a Small Office.

9. Its India’s R & D Capital too.!

LCH HalSourceHAL

Image: Light Combat Helicopter designed and built at HAL.

ISRO, HAL, JNCASR, IISC, the list goes on. Its the City of Champs.

10. Bengaluru is one of the Coolest Capitals of India and Coolest in South India.


This is because of its location of over 3,000 feet (914.4 m) above sea level, Bengaluru is situated even above Dehradun (630 m).

No wonder the city enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year.

11. Bangalore is the first city to be electrified in India.

bangalore nightSourceFlickr/Bharath Kumar

Not Mumbai. Not Delhi. Not Kolkata.

In 1905, Bangalore became the first city in India to get electricity. The City Market was the first building in Bangalore to have electric lighting.

12. Bangalore is the first South Indian City to have a Metro Train.

namma metroSourceflickr/ashwin

Peace lovers day out.

And the next point you will hate it.

13. It has The Highest Traffic Density In the Country.

traffic bangaluruSourceFlickr/Eiric

This is too high and to Prove this fact.

It is the city with the Highest number of Two Wheeler Owners in the world.

Not at all..Cool!!!

14. Bangalore is one of the few cities in the world where the commercial and defense airport used to operate from the same strip.

Blore airportSourceFlickr/Kannan

Proud Facts for Bangaloreans.

Bangalore is the only city in the world to have commercial and defense airport operating from the same strip of HAL Airport until 24th May 2008 when the new Bangalore International Airport commenced operations.

15. Bangalore attracts three foreign equity companies every fortnight.

techparkSourceFlickr/Ajith Kumar

Yes. This is the best place for the foreign MNC geeks.

16. The Silicon Capital of India.

yahoo bloreSourceFlickr/Eirik Refsdal

Largest number of Information Technology companies are located in the city which contribute to more than 38% of India’s Rs. 100,000 crore (US$ 22 billion) IT and software export market and with an 86% literacy rate this city tops the chart.

17. Why always Paris, when Bengaluru is here.

bangalore fashion weekSourceBFWeek

The Fashion Capital of the East.

18. Need a Bombastic Weekend.. Bengaluru has it All.

metallica bangaloreSourceFlickr/Saad

Bangalore is the Rock capital of India with all major bands of the world like Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Rasmus and Moreeeeee….

19. Bangalore has the richest people in India.

bangalore ub citySourceSaad

Vijay Mallya.. Tu Rehne de.

The line of poverty is the least of all cities of the world.

20. I bet you never know this interesting fact.

malgudi daysSourcespuul.com

How Malgudi got its name?

R.K. Narayan’s fictional Malgudi town was named after Malleswaram and Basavanagudi. As per one of the writings in R.K. Narayan’s book,

he loved Malleswaram and Basavanagudi, two prominent and old areas of Bangalore and used the first few letters from Malleshwaram (Mal) and last few letters of Basavanagudi (gudi) to create Malgudi.

Sounds he is in love with the Garden City…

Cool facts…And Cool City..

Take a trip to Bangalore and Unleash yourself.


featured image: Flickr/Saad