External Affairs Ministry Launches A Registration Module For Indian Students Studying Abroad


With the occurence of numerous accidents and missing cases catering to Indian Students studying abroad, Ministry of External Affairs of the Indian government has come up with an initiative to curb these mishaps happening with the students. The Government did not have any data about the students all this while and hence, in the absence of any data on Indian students studying abroad, the government has launched a registration module for them and urged them to register on it so that they could be reached in case of emergency and the families can also be contacted.

In a twitter post made by Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, she said, “We have no data of Indian students studying abroad. We have therefore, started a Students Registration Module on madad.gov.in/”

In a series of multiple tweets, she said, “I request all Indian students to register themselves on this module. This will be of immense help. In case of any emergency, our Embassy will be able to reach you. While abroad – Indian Embassy is your family”