An Educated from Vijayawada gives a Fitting Reply to People against building Capital City there.

An Educated from Vijayawada wanted to respond to the people living in Hyderabad and creating a Ruckus around the Land Pooling of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Vijayawada.


Here is what he wrote:

“Moghalrajpuram , Gunadala, Ramvarapadu ,Patamata , kanuru , prasadhampadu, enikepadu, nidamanuru, gollapudi, tadigadapa, Penamaluru, Yanamalakuduru, pulipaka,Poranki,Ganguru.

These villages are now a part of Vijayawada. These villages were once a part of Krishna Delta. During my childhood between Ramvarapadu and Maris Stella college there used to be only loyala college and couple of bungalows,the whole area was one big paddy field.

During my childhood a Panta Kalava used to flow right under the now famous NTR statue, now it is a wide road.

Thousands of farmers lived in these villages whose fields are now part of Vijayawada.

But the industries, malls, shops, schools and colleges built on these farms provide livelihood to lakhs of children of farmers. The fields also gave away place for homes of lakhs of people.

The new capital is built on 20% fertile land and 80% upland. But old Vijayawada was built on a 100% fertile land. It is continuing to expand in these fertile lands.

Every city is built on farmlands. Those who disagree vacate your home in the city resign your job and go do farming in your village.

The capital is being built to create livelihood and homes for millions of Andhra People who wish to live in Andhra.

We don’t want to live in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai or America. This is our home, we will build our cities here.

Don’t preach us from outside, we pay our taxes to the state of AP, we will decide how we will live.”


Img Src: Flickr  Content: Satish Chaganti.