Despite having an Assembly and a Secretariat, KCR now plans on building them again in Hyderabad


The TRS government, under K Chandrasekhar Rao’s rule now wants to build a new assembly and secretariat in Hyderabad with a budget of Rs. 300 crore. One might ask why this is being done, when the state already has an Assembly building (that is also a heritage building) and a large secretariat complex.

The government’s answer to this is that they want an assembly that is very spacious and sophisticated; aesthetically pleasing and more. Our doubt here is what difference will a sophisticated assembly make if nothing else is sophisticated in the state? And if a new assembly building was being planned, why did the Metro route have to be diverted?

Reportedly, the government will invite international firms to handle the construction of the complexes and bids will be opened in August this year. The site chosen for this project is the 88 acre land in Erragadda that houses the Mental Hospital and the Government Chest Hospital. It will have the Legislative Assembly on one side and the Legislative Council on the other side with a lot of offices for various departments. The entire project will be completed in two years.

It’s not just this; the assembly-secretariat complex will also house a Parade Ground; that will apparently replace the Secunderabad Parade Ground for Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.

The new secretariat will be a multi-storeyed building with about 15 lakh sq.ft of office spaces for ministers and other officials; banquet halls, visitor spaces and more. It will also have information kiosks; in addition to a helipad.

But the issue that might arise now has got to do with the location; which is very close to the Begumpet Airport. The airport, though not being used for commercial purposes, is still a functioning defense base. As to what extent will the airport authorities permit the construction of a high-rise building in close proximity to the airport is something that is yet to be known.