CM Chandrababu Naidu is preparing a blue print to Bring Back the glory of Vizag.



  • Underground Electricity lines to be laid in Vizag to withstand any possible disasters in future.
  • Developing Blue print for reestablishment of all sectors.
  • Huge plantation drive all over to make Vizag green again.
  • Development of sea coast into beautiful entertainment hubs.


CM Chandrababu Naidu assures rebuilding of Vizag into beautiful city. He says state government is preparing blue print to re-establish all sectors and bring them to a developed phase.

Electricity, communication, industries, agriculture and roads were badly hit by Hud hud cyclone. The blue print to include details on how each sector will be revamped.

Lakhs of trees will be planted soon, majority of them being 5 year grown plants and Trees by relocation technology.  Also planting fast growing trees and hybrid plants to make Vizag a Green city again.

As an immediate measure basic food items and vegetables were brought into Vizag market at more than needed volumes to bring down the demand and hence the prices. Onions and Potatoes were sold at a price of Rs 5. 250 Lorries of Potatoes from west Bengal and 500 Lorries of onions were brought from Kurnool to serve the need.  Milk from around the state was pooled up to make sure that they are available in surplus.

“Some of the government employees and systems have not been at greater efficiency as they were with lethargic government for a decade now, I would have restored the city to normalcy in a day otherwise. Stay confident, we will bring back the glory of Vizag, lets all work together for achieving this.” CM said.