Chanda Kochhar talking about Indian Economy at Bloomberg is a must watch video.


Chanda Kochhar is the managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI Bank.
My success lies in being able to balance the big and small: Chanda Kochhar
After breaking into the all male club that was the Top 10 of the India Inc’s Most Powerful CEOs listing in 2010, Chanda Kochhar has remained there for the past four years as India Inc’s No.1 woman CEO.
Her focus on “mobile banking” in rural areas to reach more clients has been praised as a model for low cost expansion in a country with a burgeoning middle class. She has also been an outspoken proponent of clearer banking laws. In addition to its reach throughout India, ICICI has a presence in 17 other countries. This month ICICI opened its first branch in Shanghai, inaugurated by India’s PM Narendra Modi.

Chanda Kochhar on Forbes Lists #35 Power Women (2015) and #43 in 2014.

“We have to ensure that all women get responsibilities, positions and jobs that they are capable of and based on their performance, and not based on biases that women cannot manage their home and work together. This only allows them to grow in the organisation, We have to ask our corporates to give importance to merit, and at the same time increase their intake of women. After taking them in, it is also important to provide an environment for them to grow. Very important ingredient of this (growth) is to create merit based, gender neutral work environment,” she says about Women Empowerment.