Budget 2016: After AP gets a raw deal, Chandrababu Naidu meets Union Finance Minister


In the Union Budget 2016, the central finance minister Arun Jaitley handed Andhra Pradesh a very raw deal and disappointed the entire state when the center went back on several promises made to the state; including giving the young state a ‘special status’

The amounts allocated to the state were peanuts and are not sufficient to do anything. For instance, the Vizag Metro project was allotted Rs. 3 Lakhs.
Can one even buy a basic small car for Rs. 3 Lakhs???

The same thing happened with the Polavaram Project, which had been declared a National Project. Of the Rs. 4000 crore requested by the state, Rs. 100 crore was allotted to the project. What Mr. Arun Jaitley doesn’t realise is the fact that Rs. 100 crore is what it takes to build just a couple of kilometers of the Metro project; not something that’s as big as the Polavaram Irrigation Project.

As far as the education sector goes, the amounts allotted to certain universities are not even enough to pay for one seat in private medical colleges.

To address this issue, the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu met the PM Narendra Modi and the Arun Jaitley. In a statement, CBN said, “I met the Prime Minister and the Union Finance Minister in New Delhi recently and explained the state’s critical financial position. I told them it was the Centre’s responsibility to fulfil all the promises made during the state bifurcation. The Centre should support us (financially) till we grow on par with neighbouring states. But still we were not granted our due (in the Budget 2016).”

He further added, “I spoke to Mr. Arun Jaitley this morning. He gave me an assurance that he will review our issues in detail and will deliver justice within a week’s time. I am hopeful that he will keep his word.”

It is very sad that the Finance Minister didn’t have the sense to take into consideration that the state is a newly formed one which needs a lot of support from the central government. Considering the amounts that were allotted (in the union budget 2016) to various projects in the state, it is clear that Mr. Jaitley doesn’t have the best interests of the people of Andhra Pradesh in his mind and doesn’t even care to acknowledge the fact that this is a growing state.