Brain-Dead Bangalorean’s Organs save eight lives in New York


Rajeev Naidu, a 24 year old student from Bangalore, was admitted to a hospital in New York, with a lung infection on February 21 and was undergoing treatment under the care of his roommates. After having been declared ‘brain dead’ by doctors a few days ago, his family decided to donate all of his ‘transplantable’ organs; saving eight lives. His family decided to donate his eyes, heart, pancreas, kidneys, oesophagus, liver and bone marrow.

Rajeev Naidu, fondly called Karthik by his family, was doing his Masters in Industrial Engineering at the New York University. He fell ill in the last week of February after a snowstorm in New York and was undergoing treatment at the Brooklyn Hospital Centre in Dekalb Avenue, where he had an MR imaging scan on February 27.

“Doctors found that his lungs were infected. Rajeev was vomiting profusely and the vomit had gone into his windpipe and his lungs, choking him. He did not breathe for a while and the oxygen supply to his brain was disrupted, causing brain death,” said Rajeev’s cousin, according to reports in newspapers, adding that there could have been some delay in taking him to the hospital where cardio-pulmonary resuscitations (CPRs) were attempted several times before he was declared brain dead.

“The entire family spoke to Rajeev on FaceTime on February 20,” said the cousin, revealing that he called his mother the next morning on February 21, when he turned 24. His family was informed about his condition on Thursday and his brother-in-law, Jayanth has left for New York to bring Rajeev’s body back to Bengaluru after donating his organs.