Who is your best friend? This passage perfectly defines it!!


We all have our own definitions for what we call a “BEST FRIEND”. As we grow up this definition changes depending on our experiences and perspective of our life. So, when somebody posted a question in Q & A website Quora asking how can one define ones bestfriend, this was some random user’s answer.

When I was small, I thought everyone who talked nicely to me was my best friend. Then I understood that people talk nicely when they need something.

When I got older than before, I thought everyone who supported my every decision was my best friend. I soon realized they were called sycophants. Again, they do what they do when they need something.

I grew a bit more older this time. I thought people who I could share my deepest thoughts with were my best friends. I realized they are good conversationalists, not best friends.

I grew more. I thought the person who would help me anytime if need be would be my best friend. I realized that such people are called resourceful. They are not my best friends.

Every time I grew, I moved up to a new level where I could see a larger view of the picture. I realized over time that my best friend was not someone who could do any of the above things.

Nothing from the above is a criterion for a best friend – because a best friend does not need a criterion. They are just people with whom you click – and they are the people, who accept you the way you are.

Nothing more. And I can say this being a person with five such friends – they are as different as they can be. But you are their best friend if they accept you for who you are and are there for you, and they are your best friend if vice versa.

So, What do you think about this?

This article is based on this Quora Thread