15 variations of Biryani you must absolutely try


1. Mughalai Biryani.


Born in the kitchens of Mughal empire, the recipe of this biryani remains loyal to its Persian origins. This is the first biryani that was introduced to India by the Persians. It is spicy and seasoned with saffron.

2. Hyderabadi dum biryani.

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Legend says that the Hyderabad Nizam’s palace used to serve 146 variations of Biryani throughout the year depending ion the seasonal herbs and spices, but the standard Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is the most famous of them all and is eaten with egg plant gravy.

3. Thalassery biryani

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Unlike the other biryanis popular in India which came from Persian cultures, this Kerala biryani is born in India. It is cooked in pure ghee and unlike other biryanis which use Basmathi rice a long grain rice the Thalassery biryani uses Khyma rice which is short and thin and this also uses a lit of chillie paste and nuts along with spices, vegetables and meat hence making the rice content less in ratio. Light in stomach.

4. Ambur biryani


This famous tamilnadu biryani can be made either with basmathi or the South Indian native rice grains called the sona masoori. A lot of turmeric and pudeena are used giving it a bright yellow colour align with its impressive taste.

5. Kachi biryani

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This is probably the easiest Biryani to cook. While the normal Biryani requires the  meat to be half cooked in a separate pan and mixed with rice for the rest of the time, the kachi biryani is made by cooking rice and meat in just in a single step.

6. Bombay biryani.

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The only difference between Bombay biryani is the addition of a spice called Kewra which instantly changes the dishes taste. The meat gives a different and delicious taste compared to other biryanis.

7. Sindh Biryani.

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This is mildly spicy and fully loaded with dry friuits, and decorated with uncooked but cured chillies and mint. Potato is a compulsory ingredient. This biryani packs comparitively less meat as it is usually eaten with spicy fired mead side dishes. Hows the taste??   Delectable is the word!

8. Lucknowi Biryani

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The chicken is thoroughly marinated using a lot of curd which makes is as soft and tender as marshmallow and the curd also gives the rice a pleasant sour and spicy taste. This is one variation you must try.

9. Kerala Fish biryani.

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Aaaah! these Keralites, how do they come up with all these delighful recipes! This is a really dry biryani cooked either in ghee or coconut oil and a lot of leafy veggies included. We prefer the ghee version more  😀

10. Malabar Biryani.

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Another kerala dish! cooked with a lot of dry fruits it can either be enjoyed sweet or salty. Its a non spicy biryani so is cooked with mild spices, turmeric, softly marinated chicken wings and natural sweeteners if you prefer the sweet version.

11. Memoni Biryani

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Hailing from the Gujarathi & Sindh region, This is a extremely spicy biryani cooked mostly with lamb, a LOT of crispy fired onions and curd (yogurt). No food colouring is used including turmeric giving it rich rice and meat texture. Tomatoes are not cooked but uncooked tomatoes are only used for decoration and garnish.

12. Ulavacharu biryani


Born in the most fertile land of India, The krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. this biryani doesn’t take any of its influence from Persian or North Indian culture. No basmathi, No North indian style garnish etc.. it is a pakka farmer’s food and hence is cooked and eaten like one. It uses normal white or brown rice and the meat is either chicken or mutton cooked with layers of high calcium Brown soup and is eaten with whipped butter or cream. Each spoon brings you one step close to heaven.

13. Dindigul Biryani.


Another famous Biryani from our Tamil Brothers, it uses a lot of lemon and curd and is cooked with a lot of care making sure that the rice doesn’t become sticky. Its a hit recipe.

14. Gongura Biryani.

Gongura biryaniSourceMrs.Aarthi

Another mouthwatering dish from Andhra, This dish uses Gongura a leafy vegetable of South India. One characteristic of this leaf it that it gives a dark greenish colour to the biryani and goes really well with mutton giving it a pleasant sour taste. It is also cook with chicken, prawns, shrimp and mushrooms or paneer is used for the vegetarian variety.

15. Pudina Biryani

Pudina biryaniSourceMrs.Aarthi

The mint leaf Biryani is a vegetarian’s delight, cooked with a lot of mint leaves, spices and assorted vegetables, its a must try.