15 Must Visit Beaches in South India.


The Indian Sub-Continent is blessed with a vast coastline surrounded by Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

So, there are numerous beaches that not only make you relaxed and rejuvenate your mind and soul, but also; bring out the party animal in you.

We have made a list of beaches that you can add up in your to-do-list when you’re in South India which holds 67% of the India’s Coastal line.


15.Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari BeachSourceFlickr

At the Southern-most tip.!

Don’t miss Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvallur.

Place: Kanyakumari,Tamilnadu

14. Auroville Beach

Auroville BeachSourceFlickr

Make way for Pondicherry.

Place: Pondicherry,The Royal U.T.

13.Marina Beach 

Marina BeachSourceFlickr

World’s Second largest.

What more do you expect.!?

Place: Namma Chennai.

12. Rameshwaram Beach

Rameshwaram BeachSourceFlickr

How can you ever forget this temple place bridge that was shown in “Chennai Express”?

Place: Rameshwaram,Tamilnadu

11. Karmatang Beach

Karmatang BeachSourceFlickr

Hail Andaman.!

Best with your loved one’s.!

Place: 240 km from Port Blair,Andaman and Nicobar Islands

10. Kavaratti Beach

Kavaratti BeachSourceFlickr

Lakshadweep..this is for you.

Dwell in Peace..!

Place: Capital Kavaratti,Lakshadweep.

9. Rishikonda Beach

Rushikonda BeachSourceFlickr

Vishakapatnam..take a bow.!

Place: Heart of the Vizag City,Andhra Pradesh

8. Manginapudi Beach

Manginpudi BeachSourceFlickr

Black soil and Shallow waters.

Reflection of heaven..! xD

Place: Machilipatnam,Andhra Pradesh

7. Surathkal Beach

Surathkal BeachSourceFlickr

Guys from NIT..You people are damn lucky.

Place: Well Connected to Mangalore,Karnataka.

6. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam BeachSourceFlickr

Royal Trivandrum Treat.

Place: 16km from Trivandrum,Kerala.

5. Varakala Beach

Kovalam BeachSourceFlickr

Cleanse yourself in Yogic Surroundings.!

Place: Between Aleppy and Kollam,Kerala.

4. Murdeshwar Beach

Murdeshwar BeachSourceFlickr

Largest Shiva and Coastal Karnatic Waves.

Place: Near Gokarna,Karnataka.

3. Om Beach 

Om BeachSourceFlickr

Shaped as Holy sign “OM”. In Gokarna,known as “Little Goa”.

Place: Gokarna,Near Karwar,Karnataka.

2. Calungate Beach

Calungate BeachSourceRamesh/Flickr

For the Party Animals and Nature Lovers.

Place: Northern Goa

1. Baga Beach

Baga BeachSourceFlickr


Scintillating Nightlife and Clubs.

Place: 10 km from Panaji

Why still wait? Pack your things and leave.