Meet the 10 people who are behind the India’s Biggest Cinema, Baahubali.


10. SABU CYRIL  (Art Director) :


To make a historic movie in these modern times, we need to create a world of imagination and for that we need someone with a vast imagination to integrate with the director’s view. Art director is undoubtedly one of them. Sabu Cyril is one of the best art directors in India. 4 National Film Awards and 5 South Indian filmfare awards including about 20 other awars speak volumes of his work and his contribution towards Indian cinema. He is the man behind astonishing work in Ethiran to which the country were awestruck. Baahubali being his latest venture down south, he is one of the key persons we have to lookout for.


9. K.K senthil kumar  (Cinematographer) :



Every director needs a cinematographer to bring the best of his imagination on to the large screen. K.K Senthil kumar, doesn’t have too many awards to his name. But he is definitely one of the best cinematographer that Indian Cinema had seen in the last decade. His work in Yamadonga, Arundathi, Magadheera and Eega are epic. How many could delivery those brilliant visuals unless he is a genius himself.

8. Vadlamudi Srinivas Mohan (Vfx Supervisor):


He is the CEO of Indian Artists Computer Graphics Pvt. Ltd which has won 3 National Awards for Visual Effects, ethiran being the latest. He has also worked for movies like Ehiran, Shivaji and ‘I’. Everybody knows about the spectacular vfx work in these films. He is the one to watch out for.

7. Peter Hein (Stunt choreography):


Everybody who likes action, obviously loves this man. His alias being ‘Man of Action’, he is one of the most sorted stunts choreographers of South India. Loved the 100 soldier fight and bike stunt in magadheera or the climax robot formations in enthiran? Peter Hein is the man behind those awesome fights and many more. Baahubali being a huge action movie, this man is definitely one of those guys to watch out for.

6. P.M Satheesh (Sound Design):


What its like to watch a movie with bad sound design? One word, HORRIBLE. And its quite difficult to do the job if it’s a periodic action film which are rear in south india. So, another National Award winner on board, his work includes movies like taalash, kaminey and several movies in Tamil, Malayalam and even Hollywood. Hollywood man, that’s awesome right!! So all we know is our ear buds are going to have a blast in the theatres.

5. Arka Media works  (production house):


Headed by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni. They have produced some of the most successful Tv series in several languages like telugu, hindi, kannada and a few successful movies like maryada ramana and vedam. Being able to make movie with a humongous budget of 40 million US dollars tells about their expertise in production and they even roped in Karan Johar to release the hindi version of baahubali shows their ability to carry a movie into a bigger market. Hope they make more money that they had spent on it. Which seems imminent.

4. Vijayendra Prasad ( Story ):


One of the best and most experienced story writers of telugu cinema. Story writer for 8 of the 9 block buster movies preciously made by SS rajamouli.

3. MM Keeravani ( Music ):


Known as Maragatha mani in tamil and MM kreem in hindi. Just completed 25 years in telugu cinema. His CV includes classics like annamayya, sri ramadasu and also commercial smash hits such as gharana mogudu, allari priyudu, gharana bullodu, pelli sandadi and all of SS rajamouli’s 9 movies. His back ground score is what that provides life to the action sequences. Baahubali is definitely going to have epic BGM as he never fails to deliver.

2. Rama Rajamouli  (Costume design) :

Rama 2Source

One of the difficult tasks to do in a periodic film is costume designing. Rama Rajamouli has proven that she is right one for the job with movies like yamadonga, magadheera (both require designing similar kind of costumes). The first look and trailer give a impression that she has done a great job again with the armours of the lead actors and other cast looking glorious.

 1. SS rajamouli (Captain of the crew a.k.a Director)


The name speaks for itself. 100% success rate. Genius in making high quality commercial and high budget movies.

Special mention to every member of the team who contributed to the Biggest Indian Cinema ever.

Southie – Rahul Ravipati.