These Baahubali Characters will make you feel proud of the Standards of Indian Cinema.


1. The Destined One

Every story has ONE single moment at its core which defines & drives the entire plot. What follows is the HEART of Baahubali the beginning.

He has to fulfill his destiny, come what may!!!

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2. Avanthika – The Angelic Avenger

Her beauty is shrouded in mystery!!!


3.  Bijjala deva – The Uncrowned Bitterness

Venom in every word!
Resentment in every step!
Envy in every thought!



4. Sivagami – The Epitome Of Justice

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5. Aslaam Khan – The Persian Noble


6. Kattappa – The Slave Warrior

A lifetime of living by the code of Honor.
Does it lift your chest high in Pride? Or
Weigh you down in Pain??


7. Kalakeya Warlord – The Ruthless

Blood quenches his thirst,
Violence gives him peace.
Commander of a 100,000 barbarians!!!


8. Devasena – The Smoldering Secret

Tortured and held captive for years, are the embers of her spirit finally dying?


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9. Bhallala Deva – The Tyrant King

Strength Unmatched. Power Unchallenged. Mind Unread.

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10. Shivudu – The Unrestrained

ఆ గంగను మోసిన జంగమదేవుని నెత్తిన

నరనరమున సత్తువ ఉరకలు వేసిన
నరోత్తముడు ఎవడు!