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Baahubali Review. Live from the Premier Show.


03:41 – Movie started with tribute to Telugu movie legends.

03:45 –  Ramya Krishna is the fist character to start with. And it’s a goosebumps moment.

03:53 –  Here comes shivudu, the unstoppable! Prabhas it is!!

03:54 – Here starts Keeravani’s magic. This man deserves a __/\__

04:00- What’s more beautiful? Thamanna or the mystical water falls? Well, Its Tammana for this moment 😉

04:01 -A big salute to the CG team.

04:10 – A few seconds of devasena character. Goosebumps again.

04:14- A fight between two great south Indian actors.

04:20 – Mahishmathi kingdom => => W.O.W.S.O.M.E!! 😀

04:27 – Bhallala deva – A beast!!  Rajamouli’s talent is clearly visible in every frame.

04:29 – Ok hollywood, look up to Indian cinema. Just as we remember NTR, SVR, ANR & Savitri from the epics, will we remember the characters from Baahubali.

04:32 – Ramayakrishna & Anuskha delivering their finest performances, on par with their roles from Ammoru and Arundhathi respectively.

04:32 – Anushka __/\__

04:39 – This scene is for sure Raghavendra Rao gari direction. 😂 Hehehehe.

04:50 -Brace yourselves. The real action starts here!!

04:51: We will be disappointed if Anushka doesn’t win the national award for the best actress. Yes!!

04:56 – What an expert in story telling and character elevation. Hats off Rajamouli sir!

04:58 –  Interval champesadandiiii!

05:15 –  Baahubali version of the famous scene from Chatrapathi, “Tippara meesam” style. Rise of Baahubali.

05:20 – Ammoru is back!

05:28 – Did I just see rajamouli?!! 😂

05:37 – The movie is getting bigger and bigger.

05:37 – The biggest Indian Cinema ever for sure.

05:39 – The war begins!

05:41 – Kilikili starts.

05:50 – What an amazing war strategy and war formations.

06:05 -Remember bheemudu from bharatam.? Thats Rana in Baahubali.

06:07 – The war scene is highlight of the whole movie.

06:13 – The movie is over and I’m craving for more.

Ofcourse, there’s a surprise at the end but we won’t be revealing.


The Movie is definitely India’s Biggest Movie Ever.!  First half is  a perfect narration and introduction of Characters, then starts the Baahubali, when those characters come together to perform its an Epic.!

A must watch.!

The time stamps are as per EST, USA.