Sir Arthur Cotton’s opinion on “Vizagapatam” taken from his Biography. Read it and you’ll be amazed.


The following 10 points are views of Sir Arthur Cotton on Visakhapatnam which was then called Vizagapatam when he first visited the place on the purpose of a project inspection somewhere back in 1870’s. He was amazed by this place and wrote about it in his diary which was then copied into his biography after his subsequent death

Taken from his biography “General Sir Arthur Cotton his life and work” written by his daughter Elizabeth Cotton its amazing how he envisioned the future of the place which would transform into our beloved VIZAG a hundred and fifty years later.

1. Vizagapatam is the only place on the easter coast of India , where there is no Severe heat.

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2. It has the best climate in india.

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3. It is the natural point of outler for all Northern India bu a direct railway to Allahabad, making it the cheapest and safest line from england to the North of India.


4. It has the point of the eastern coast where, in-comparably, the best harbour can be made by a single breakwater run out from the bold promotory of dolphin’s Nose, south of the town.

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5. The adjioning territory provides an exceptional sit for a first-class city.

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6. The whole tact from Vizagapatam to Ruripoor, 300 miles, is the most fertile part of India. It rises to 2000 feet, and is suited to every kind of European enterprise, The planting of coffee, sugar, culture of vine and fruit trees generaly.

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7. There is hill country with a temperate climate, south of Ruripoor, and also the central Provinces of India , Rising to 3000 feet a beautiful country, with a temperature down the frost in winter.

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8. Water communication can be completed with the Punjab, by the valley of the Ganges and the coast, to Vizagapatam; the same to the great navigations of the delta of the Godavari to Berar, uniting the Punjab , the Upper Brahmaputra, Nagpore, and Madras in a first class navigation of at least 10000 miles, providing all North and East India with transit at one tenth cost of railways. Three of 4 thousand of these canals are already in operation.


9. The line between Ruripoor and Allahabad passes through a field containing the best coal in India.

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10. Inland of the town site is an extensive piece of alluvial land, level with the sea, which can be cheaply made into and immense inner harbour. The outer can be formed by blocks of granite of any size, from the Dolphin’s Nose, costing nothing but the powder, loading, carriage by boats a few hundred yards and discharging.

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Its amazing how a century later the city turned out exactly the way he imagined. The e-copy of  “General Sir Arthur Cotton his life and work” is available online and this passage can be found