Chandrababu Naidu’s AP Fiber Grid Project ended up Creating the World’s cheapest Internet System saving 12,000 Crores.



Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has announced 5 Grids and 7 Missions as part of the prime goals of the government to achieve for the progress of state. One of those 5 grids is Fiber Grid.

Fiber Grid is connecting every home in the state with Internet so that they will be enabled with information around the worlds and it increases the digital literacy.

In their efforts to achieve the goal, the Chief Minister and his team created the World’s cheapest Internet connectivity system, Its close to complete and getting ready to deliver Internet connection of 10Mbps at just Rs.150  per month for household and 100 Mbps at Rs.1000 per month for business users.

10 Mbps speed for every home at just 150 Rupees.?! Like literally every home including the remotest villages.?!

How is it possible.?! Wouldn’t that cost a lot to just lay the Fiber optic cable underground.?

Govt of India has sent a proposal and estimate to connect the whole of Andhra Pradesh with optical fiber. This did not include connecting every house though.

It was a project to connect just the village to another village so that the government offices will have access to internet of 2 Mbps speed and that project was estimated at approximately 4500 Crores by Govt of India.

AP CM replied back that they want to connect every house in the state and enable them with internet instead of connecting just the villages which would not yield any major benefits.

Later, AP CM and the team came up with a new proposal and action plan of connecting every household.

The project cost would have Doubled or Tripled, may be increased by 10 times as optical fiber has to be laid in almost every street in the whole state.?!

Surprise.!  The new proposal brought down the Cost by 20 times.

The Jugaad of Indian brain was used and instead of laying the underground Fiber optics, they came up with Aerial Cable, which is laying the cable on the existing Electricity Poles heavily cutting down the cost by multiple folds.

AP Fiber Grid implementation-1


  • As part of Phase 1 Fiber grid, 22,500 Kms of Fiber Optic has been laid in a record time of 9 months.
  • With just 333 Crores, AP’s Fiber Grid Project new project to connect every house with 10 Mbps internet and provide that to citizens at World’s cheapest price at 150 Rupees per month.
  • 1.1 Crore households, 45,000+ Schools will have access to Internet at the World’s cheapest Internet price and in the record project cost and execution time.
  • The executing teams use Mobile Apps to update the status of the work at each pole using GPS location and a custom built app by ” Code for AP “, A Citizen coding initiative by AP Chief Minister Office and is tracked in a centralized dash board.

With the cost estimated for just one State, Govt India can connect every house in 20 Major states adopting the Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid model.

“Instead of NOFN model, 18 states have opted for AP Fiber Grid Model to establish a highly scalable network infrastructure”

– Smt. Aruna Sundararajan, CMD, Bharat Net, Govt of India. 

Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid  Phase 1-1

This innovation in the project execution has saved approx. 12,000 Crores for Andhra Pradesh state alone. If implemented throughout India would save more 1 Lakh Crores for Govt of India and will connect whole of India with high speed digital connectivity by 2020 giving a huge break through.


Now lets get ready to enjoy the super fast internet in the remotest villages too.!

Lets wish the project all success and hope other states pick up the model and overcome the hurdle of Connecting India with the Digital World.