Andhra Pradesh Capital “Amaravathi” First Look.


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu released the first look of the India’s newest Capital City “Amaravathi”. Govt of Singapore has designed the seed capital master plan and handed it over to the CM of AP this week. Japan and Singapore have agreed to participate actively in Amaravathi construction and development.

The first look of the seed capital has brought up the high expectation that are already on the Amaravathi.

Seed Capital Region master plan:

Amaravati capital design 4

  • The islands in Krishna river seem to be utilized well.
  • We can see the constructions on the smaller island on river Krishna like the Manhattan city or the other wonderful cities around the world have sky scrapers on the Islands.
  • A majority of land seems to have river front parks and theme parks to make Amaravathi a tourist destination.

Bridge connecting the Island and the mainland:

Amaravati capital design 2

  • The bridge leading to the island is beautifully designed and seems to accommodate the Metro Rail System, 6┬áLane road connectivity and walk ways for Pedestrians and Cyclists.
  • The waterways in the River and Canals are also to be developed as a mode of transportation for both commute and tourism.

Core Seed Capital :

Amaravati capital design 3

  • Krishna River has a canals passing through the proposed seed capital area, making a good use of these, the plans seems to create wonders.
  • The twin towers are as per the information so far is the Secretariat, which are 45 Storied each to accommodate all the major government departments. This will be the India’s best Secretariat.
  • The stadium and convention center on the river front┬ádesigned to host the world’s best events.

The Sky Scraper Lane :

Amaravati capital design

  • Amaravathi would be the first Government built Sky Scraper City in India.
  • Metro Rail, Waterways, Road Ways and Walk ways are amazingly designed to accommodate and connect the whole city with easy and beauty.
  • On the left of the Image is Amaravathi Central, which would be a Multiplex with Imax Screen and many other attractions.
  • First building on the right is the IT Tower to accommodate IT companies.
  • The buildings are designed to be energy efficient and with world class infrastructure aesthetic values making Amaravathi a Global destination.

Lets wish for Amaravathi to take shape as planned make the Nation feel proud of its Latest Capital.