Amazing Indian Offices

15 Amazing Indian Offices That You Will Crave To Work At!


After we are done with our studies we keep looking for a job. And we all crave to work in one of the amazing Indian offices ever built. Some get lucky and some don’t to get into one the of those amazing Indian offices.

Finally, after lot of struggle we are:

1) Working in one of the amazing Indian offices.

2) Working in a just a fine office.

3) Working in a dilapidated office.

4) Jobless.

So, yeah, 1st is much preferred over the other 3. So here’s a bucket list made for the most amazing Indian offices one would die to work at.

List of amazing Indian offices:

1. Eon IT Park, Pune.

amazing indian offices

This 45 acre sprawling office space in the IT Corridor of Pune, Kharadi, resembles those I dreamt of in the good old ‘Rapunzel’ days.


2. Cybertecture Egg, Mumbai.

amazing indian offices

With its standout design, this 33,000 square meters wide egg contains offices and three underground levels which provide 400 parking spaces.

It is Built in Plot C70 of Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. And is currently considered to be the most expensive plot of land in the country.

Well, just in-case you wish to see it in the broad daylight –


3. Fisheries Department Building, Hyderabad.

amazing indian offices

The building was constructed back in 2012 to function as an office for the National Fisheries Development in Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad.

And did you just notice the door under the fin?


4. Shree Cement, Jaipur.

amazing indian offices

Also known as the “72 Screens building”, the office complex of ‘Shree Cement’ has “jaali” or mesh-like intricate architectural art work done on it.

What more? The building is adorned with a complex network of LED-lights. And at night times these LEDs form a tesseract-like structure when the light beams meet at all points.

5. Infosys, Pune.

amazing indian offices

Doesn’t this resemble the Zebronics Infinity?

And how I would give anything to eat in a food court of this stature –


6. Twisted Tata Building, Gurgaon.

amazing indian offices

The unmissable architectural marvel in Sector 17, Gurgaon is made up of twisted glass floors stacked upon each other.

And the crestfallen cube!

7. The South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center, New Delhi.

amazing indian offices

The office complex with twirling vertical bricks is designed in such a way that the longer 10 m side is exposed to sunlight throughout the day. A true architectural beauty to its connotation!


8. DLF Gateway, Gurgaon.

amazing indian offices

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Then, what do you have to say about the night view?


9. Infosys, Mysore.

amazing indian offices

No No, this is NOT a palace!

In fact, this is the Employee Care Center.

The next time you fly over Mysore, don’t forget to peek out of your window –

amazing indian offices


10. iLabs Hyderabad Technology Centre Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.

amazing indian offices

iLabs and the Oval –

The Oval, much closer!


11. TCS, Siruseri.

amazing indian offices

Just because the front view is impeccable –

amazing indian offices

And then, the interiors are worth a watch too!

Can you see the butterfly, folks?

amazing indian offices


12. DLF, Hyderabad.

DLF Hyderabad

This massive building is like a small town in itself, probably one of the biggest and amazing Indian offices.

13. Patni Knowledge Park, Mumbai.

amazing indian offices

This place in Airoli, Navi Mumbai was acquired by iGate in 2011. With a value of around a billion US dollars, this acquisition was the largest cross-border leveraged transaction in the IT sector.

14. IFlex Solutions, Bangalore.

amazing indian offices

The office commands a respectable 144,000 square feet in area, housing over 1500 thousand employees at once. It is Situated in the Bagmane district in Bangalore. Right in the middle of the lush greenery and a cool water body opposite to it.

This campus with such an eco-friendly environment is not just home to the development team but also to the customer support division.


15. ICICI, Hyderabad.

This uber classy bank office in Gachibowli is considered to be one of the best places to work at, in India. No wonder!

amazing indian offices

And then, B-O-O-M-C-L-A-P!

amazing indian offices


So these were the amazing Indian offices that have been built over the time. And You might now consider putting these in your priority list the next time your apply for a job.

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