49 Amazing Facts about Hinduism that most Hindus Probably wouldn’t know.


1. Hinduism is the world’s oldest known religion, with it’s roots going back to 10,000 years and Hindu Literature dating back to 7000 BCE.


2. People following Hinduism around the world are apprx 1 Billion people which is 14% of the World’s Population.


3. There are Bigger Percentage of Hindus in Pakistan(1.8%) than in USA (0.7%).

india pakistan trainSourcedistancebetweencities


4. Top 5 Countries with Hindu Population are

  1.    Nepal 81.3%

  2.  India 80.5%

  3.  Mauritius 54%

  4.  Fiji 33.7%

  5.  Guyana 28%

Now go check where Guyana is, its in South America. Surprise right.?

 5. Hinduism is the 3rd largest followed religion after Christianity and Islam .

Early Ages of Hinduism mapSourceglobal security

6. Hinduism has spread across many countries over the years, especially in Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Combodia, Indonesia, Thailand and other South East Asian countries.


7. The largest Hindu temple in the world is surprisingly not in India but is in Angkor, Cambodia.


8. Ayurveda, the plant based medical treatment practice has its roots from Hinduism.


9. Nepal ( 81.3 %) , is almost a Hindu Country with a higher Hindu percentage population than in India( 80.5 %).


10.  Nepal was formed by a Hindu saint called Ne Muni.