Amaravati: The Waterfront City With A Wide Range of River-Based Facilities


While it is known to everyone that the TDP government in Andhra Pradesh, led by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, is working extensively towards making Amaravati a world class city; one aspect of the city plans stands out from the rest – The Waterfront Development plans.

Utilising the Krishna river to its maximum potential, the government has planned several facilities along the banks of the river in the city.

Both sides of the Krishna River will see several major landmarks such as an Amphitheater, an International standard cricket stadium and the Central Business District (CBD); much like the down-town areas of foreign countries.

The riverfront will also have recreational facilities like theme parks and entertainment centers; in addition to hotels and other tourism-enhancing facilities.


The islands in the river are also being used, with recreational facilities like golf courses and eco-parks. The islands will also have high-end residential clusters.

According to the Amaravati master plan released by the government, there are also plans to have water-taxis as an alternative transport option; connecting the islands and the main land.

The best part of the entire waterfront plan is perhaps the construction of a waterfront promenade. This promenade or walk-way is to be built on a 35 km stretch on both sides of the river, connecting several parks and other places on the city’s east and west. This pathway will give a panoramic view of the river; with attractive lighting in the night.

Visitors can also hop onto a river taxi from the promenade and enjoy a lovely boat ride with their friends and family.

Water-taxis and a waterfront promenade?! How cool is that!!!