Airbus to Set up a Manufacturing Plant in Andhra Pradesh.


The leading Aeroplane manufacturing company “Airbus” has come up with a proposal to create an Aerospace manufacturing cluster in Andhra Pradesh. AP state government has allocated land for the facility to be set up in Ananthapur district.

Airbus is planning to manufacture parts and host aircraft maintenance and services. Andhra Pradesh state allocated 49.18 Acres of land for Airbus to take over at a price of 5 lakh rupees per acre.

Airbus has shown interest in acquiring another 150 Acres of land to facilitate expanding their unit to a bigger one. The set up of Airbus Manufacturing cluster is expected to kick in movement of many Aerospace allied units to Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh government sent a proposal with the stated advantages of close proximity of Ananthapur to the Bangalore and Chennai, connectivity and availability of ports has made a favorable choice.

Boeing in association with TATA group has made Hyderabad its base for manufacturing, while Airbus is planning to make Andhra Pradesh its base in manufacturing and maintenance services for its Air crafts.

Featured image source : Flickr