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What Y S Jagan Has Been Doing To Disrupt The Growth Of Andhra Pradesh


With the way the Andhra Pradesh government is putting in efforts to make the state prosper and build a new, world-class capital city; it is bound to succeed. Lives of everyone in the state will drastically change and every citizen, whether rural or urban, will prosper; right from farmers to IT employees.

With this, there is no doubt as to which party will win the next election in the state. And this automatically means that the opposition party, YSRCP doesn’t stand a chance in the next elections. This is why the party, led by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, has been doing everything in its power to disrupt the peace in the state and stop the development of the state.

Here’s a look at all the destructive activities that Jagan and his YSRCP have been doing.

1. Thullur Farm Fire:


In 2014, mysterious fires raged in many farms in Thullur, near Vijayawada, burning bamboo stocks, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, huts and grass. It is an open secret that these farms were set on fire by people aligned with the opposition party; to stop farmers from donating lands to the construction of Amaravati.

2. Discouraging and Threatening Farmers:


Farmers who willingly came forward to donate lands were discouraged extensively and even threatened by members of YSRCP.

3. Dharnas And Strikes:


Since 2014, YSRCP has led several dharnas and strikes across the state, disrupting the peace of the state. And their support to the Kapu agitations and the violence that followed tops it all off.

4. Trying to Manipulate Green Tribunal:


Jagan manipulated the National Green Tribunal and alleged that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had misled the National Green Tribunal (NGT) by filing an affidavit that there was only 2000 acres of fertile land on the bank of the river Krishna, acquired for the new capital city for Andhra Pradesh.

5. Getting A Stay On Swiss Challenge:


The Andhra Pradesh government adopted a ‘Swiss Challenge’ method earlier this year, to ensure a smooth construction of the new capital by the best possible firm. But suddenly, two companies Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation and NVN Engineers Pvt Ltd filed two separate petitions and got a stay from the high court in this regard.

Interesting point to be taken into consideration here is that both of them are too small to even think of applying to be a part of the Swiss Challenge and NVN Engineers Pvt Ltd was just started a couple of months ago. So it looks like it was started only to create this problem for the government.