67 things about India which makes us feel proud on 67th Republic day


61. Sanskrit owes one

The art of Navigation was supposedly born in the Indus river 6000 years ago and is said to be derived from the Sanskrit word Navgatih.


62. Must for an MBA

The world’s first book on statecraft, economic policy and military strategy Arthashastra was written by Kautilya, aka Chanakya.


63. Those graceful moves

One of the first treatises in performing arts, Natya Shastra, is attributed to sage Bharata and reportedly dates back to 200 BCE.


64. Best seller

Indians gave the world one of the first handbooks on love-making, The Kama Sutra. Written by Vatsyayana, the book is supposed to have been written somewhere between 400 BCE and 200 CE.


65. Completed Whole numbers

India’s greatest contribution to the world is Zero. Astronomer, Mathematician Aryabhatta is attributed to have invented the zero.


66. Early medicine and surgeries

Sushruta, one of the earliest surgeons of the recorded history, is said to been the first to have performed plastic surgery. The basic principles of plastic surgery have been written by him in his famous treatise Sushruta Samhita.medicineSourceYoutube

67. Renewable Usage

India is the 3rd largest producer of solar photovoltaic cells in the world producing 2.12 MW of power. India is the world’s 4th largest wind power user.

solar city gujjuSourcehttp://talesalongtheway.com

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Happy Republic day