67 things about India which makes us feel proud on 67th Republic day


41. Smiling Buddha

After a victorious war in 1971, India developed its own nuclear arsenal; with the first successful testing of nuclear weapon taking place in May 1974. The project was codenamed Smiling Buddha.

smiling buddhaSourcehttp://northchief.com

42. Super Computer

Developed first in the early 1990s, the PARAllel Machine (PARAM) Computers put India on the list of countries with supercomputing capabilities.


43. Together we erradicated

India was declared Polio free in 2014.

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44. Reason for Like

Pictra Inc., founded by Shantanu Narayen is the company that ushered the way for digital photo sharing over the internet.

Shantanu NarayenSource

45. Missile man

The Switzerland government declared May 26th as the National Science Day because Dr APJ Abdul Kalam visited their country on that day.


46. Father of Ipod

Renowned scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose was the first man to invent wireless radio.


47. Because Life is priceless

A stent is a spring like device that is implanted in the blood vessels; to clear any blocks. Renowned cardiologist Dr Somaraju and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam developed a low cost stent; known as Kalam-Raju Stent, reduing the costs by 75%.


48. Gold do we need more?

India has the tenth largest gold reserves in the world.

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49. Neighbors are friends

Reconstruction of the Salma Dam is India’s gift to its neighbor Afghanistan.


50. We always help

In April 2015, India helped evacuate over 5600 people from various nationalities from Yemen.


51. Live and let live

India gave 1000 tonnes of fresh, drinkable water to Maldives in a time of crisis.

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52. Reformation

Tibet has always been a hotbed of controversy and a lot of live in India but in 2014; the Tibetian Rehabilitation Policy 2014 was formed; with the aim of rehabilitation of Tibetian refugees and welfare.


53. We Empathize

India mourned the Peshawar school attack with the hashtag #IndiawithPakistan. Pakistanis tweeted back to Indians thanking the country for the show of solidarity.

Ind withpakSource Twitter

54. Helping nature

The entire country came together to help out its neighbor when a massive earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015.


55. Give respect, take respect type

India has a No First Use policy; meaning that India will not use nuclear weapons unless it is attacked first by nuclear weapon.


56. Multilingual

For a country that has over 20 official languages, it ranks number 2 in the world; for the number of English speakers in the country.


57. First Nobel

Rabindranath Tagore became the first Non-European to win the Nobel Prize in 1931.


58. Hattrick

Indian writer Salman Rushdie’s book Midnight’s Children won the booker prize thrice in different categories; including the greatest Booker Prize winner of all times in 2008.


59. World Heritage

Founded in the 5th Century AD, Nalanda university was attended by scholars from all over the world.


60. Ancient Physics

Vedas from ancient India had already laid the foundation for Quantum physics. The explanation of mundaka upanishad mantra contains a major amount of the research that was done in the field in the beginning of the 1900s.