67 things about India which makes us feel proud on 67th Republic day


21. Rich or poor Cancer remains same

Cancer drug Gleevec costs US$ 2500 in India, as opposed to US$ 70,000, because it cant be patented here.


22. We Salute you

With 1,300.000 active personnel and 1,800,000 reserve ones, the Indian Army is the world’s second largest army in terms of military personnel, and the 3rd largest in terms of active manpower.

army cover

23. Love for Banking

State Bank of India has the maximum number of branches in the world.

A. Sreekumar_logo_SBI LOGOSourceeletsonline

24. Agriculture is in our culture

Because we’ve now learned to grow the world’s first protein-enriched potato, or the ‘protato’.


25. AR Rahman

AR Rahman in spite of all the awards, national and international, still does with heart what we love him for most – make music.

vande mataram Rahman

26. Mirchi-hottest

Scientists are now using India’s (and the world’s) hottest chilli in hand grenades to flush terrorists out of their hiding spots!


27. The Success stories

In India the rags-to-riches stories are not only in books but in real life too like that of Dosa Plaza owner Prem Ganapathy.


28. Small family, small car.

India is the world’s second largest producer of small cars.


29. Food

Because popular South Indian dish ‘Masala Dosa’ has made it to the list of ’10 foods to try before you die’.

Butter dosa VizagSourceSouth Report

30. In Literature, Our Books at their best.

Arundhati Roy and Aravind Adiga; both won the Man Booker Prize for their debut novels, The God of Small Things and The White Tiger respectively.

Three books by Rohinton Mistry and by Anita Desai have been shortlisted for the Bookers three times!


31.  Airlift operation.

Air India holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people evacuated by a civil airline as a result of this effort. The operation was carried out during the Persian Gulf War in 1990 to evacuate Indian expatriates from Kuwait and Iraq. It was the largest civilian evacuation in history.



32. Film History

Satyajit Ray, the man who is considered to be the father of Indian cinema; is studied in film schools all over the world.

Indian movie director Satyajit Ray (1921-92): Richard Attenborough was principal patron of the foundSourcestatic-secure

33. Number 1

India produces the most number of films per year and Indian films have audiences in 90 countries.


34. Our well connected roads

India has the world’s second largest road network; with over 3.3 million kilometers.

Outer ring road vijayawada

35. Yoga sets record

The first ever International Yoga Day was observed on June 21, 2015. Rajpath saw a record 36000 people attending a single yoga class; setting a world record on that day.


36. Space tour

Chandrayaan, India’s first lunar mission reached the moon on November 14, 2008; making India the fourth country in the world to have a flag on the moon.


37. We sure know how to optimize

With Mangalyaan, India became the first country to achieve such a feat on the first attempt. The Mars Orbiter Mission, is reported to have costed less than the Hollywood film Gravity.

isro momSourceFB

38. Satellites, satellites everywhere.

The Indian Remote Sensing satellite system is the world’s largest constellation of remote sensing satellites for civil use.


39. Developed from scratch

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicles are rocket systems completely developed indigenously by Indian Space Research Organisation.


 1975 – Transporting a rocket by Bullock Cart


2010 – We are here.

40. Partnerships in defence

BrahMos missile is the world’s fastest cruise missile; travelling at a supersonic speed of 3675 kmph. It was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation in partnership with the Russian military.