40 Achievements of Chandrababu Naidu in 4 Years as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.


4 Years as Chief Minister of the new state of Andhra Pradesh !

Did he live upto the expectations of the people of Andhra Pradesh ?

Did his vision translate into something quantifiable ?

Here are the 40 major achievements of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr.Chandrababu Naidu.

1. Making Vizag and Vijayawada as one of the Cleanest Cities of India.

Vizag and Vijayawada have amazingly transformed into India’s one of the Cleanest Cities. The Cleanliness of Vizag has been attracting tourism from Across the country and from beyond.

2. Decided the Capital at the center of the State so that it is accessible to everyone and named it
“Amaravati – The People’s Capital “

As Andhra Pradesh is a very long state, Capital should be accessible to everyone, so he decided the capital to be in the center.

Amaravati Started as an Idea that way.

3. Convinced Farmers to Donate 35,000 Acres of Land in Land Pooling Scheme where both Farmers and Government had a Win Win Situation.

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A master stroke of all is the Land Pooling scheme of Amaravati which is a role model for the whole nation.  There are instances of Governments changing for land acquisitions of around 1000 Acres.  In this case farmers volunteered to come and join the land pooling.

In land pooling, Farmers get 1/3 of the land back in the developed area of Amaravati City.  Farmers are the biggest supporters of Amaravati and are being made the front face for their love and sacrifice for building a Future City for the 5 Crore Andhra Pradesh people.

4. Biggest Achievement, though underplayed is moving employees from Hyderabad to Amaravati.  

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Andhra Pradesh’s revenue crisis was making it worse and people were not happy spending their taxes in a different state, Also for people of Andhra Pradesh, going to Hyderabad to meet their government wasn’t feeling great.

Instead of waiting for whole of amaravati to be ready, Mr.Naidu built an Interim Capital with 6 Lakh Sft of Office Space in a record time of 4 Months.

20,799 employees of the Andhra government’s secretariat offices and 89 departments spread across Hyderabad have moved to the new capital Amaravati bringing new activity in the capital, new taxes and new businesses as these employees spend their salary in the new state of Andhra Pradesh and not in Hyderabad, so would be people who will be coming to meet them for work.


5. Universities Started to Operate in the very first year of Inception. 

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Due to fast follow up from Andhra Pradesh state and due to the Union Ministers TDP had in the NDA govt, some of the non fund involved processes moved very fast.

IIT Tirupati, IIM Visakhapatnam, NID Amaravati, NIT Tadepalligudem, etc have Started Classes the first year of forming the government.

Sadly due to not enough fund support from Center, They are all still running from Temporary campuses.


6. Private Universities Rallied to Amaravati

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Due to the good relation Mr.Naidu has with the universities like SRM and VIT, they all liked the idea of Amaravati, the people’s capital and rallied to Amaravati.

They bought land at around Rs.2 Crs per acre from Government and started their universities.

SRM Amaravati and VIT Amaravati campuses are ready and operational for over two years now with their campus buildings constantly growing.

Amrita is yet to start the construction.


7. Attracted and grounded the Kia Motors, India’s Largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Ever !

Kia Motors is one of the Biggest Success Stories of CBN Government. $2 Billion has been invested into Andhra Pradesh by Kia Motors, Its the Largest FDI Investment in India.

8. Hero Motors ditched neighbouring State to come to Andhra Pradesh.

How Hero Motors came to Andhra Pradesh saying no is Telangana and Maharastra is a huge lesson for all the Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Mr.Naidu Asked Munjal, CEO of Hero Motors for a meeting over dinner and flew to Mumbai to meet him and convinced him to set up the Hero Motors manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh.

Apollo Tyres, Isuzu Motors, Cadbury, Asian Paints and many more Industries have rallied to Andhra Pradesh considering the 24*7 power, abundance of water and good governance in Andhra Pradesh.

9. River Interlinking of River Krishna and River Godavari.

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First time in India Ever, Two major rivers got integrated with Pattiseema Project giving water to farmers across the state.  The surplus waters in River Krishna due to the River Integration were used to give Water to Rayalaseema which was a huge win.

160 TMC of water has been lifted from Godavari to Krishna which resulted in a farming yield of 18,000 Crores in Krishna Delta in 3 years and  7,400 Crores in Rayalaseema over 2 Years.

10. Loan Waiver of 24000 Crores

Despite the rough economic situation, Farmer Loans of 24,000 Crores are Waived.

11. Pension Increased to Rs.1000.


Old age and physically challenged Pension was increased to Rs.1000 from Rs.200.  This money deposited into accounts on the 1st of every month without any mediator intervention.

12. Real Time Governance

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CM’s CORE Dashboard is one of the World’s Best MIS with all the data from around the State, kept open to public in real time.  CM and his team use this data and help deliver service better.

13. Great Progress in Polavaram. 

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When NDA Offered 3 Central Minister Positions to TDP, CBN asked we will only take 2, for the third, we want full support to Polavaram Project which is a lifeline to Andhra Pradesh.

7 Mandals of Telangana were merged in Andhra Pradesh on demand of Mr.Naidu and Polavaram construction was given to the State for a speedy process.

Any major project of that size would take 15 years in India but Polavaram has made tremendous progress in the last 4 years where 56% of the project is completed.  Its currently in slow progress due to Fund deficit by Central Government.

CM Chandrababu Naidu renamed Somavaram ( Monday ) as Polavaram where he reviews the project status either through Live streaming or by personal visit.

14. Successfully faced Hud Hud along with the brave people of Vizag and Transformed Vizag into India’s one of the Cleanest Cities. 


If we look back at the 4 years, Hud Hud had the biggest need of leadership. Mr.Naidu rose above everyone and helped Vizag recover at jet speed.

He lived out of a bus, did surprise visits around the city, summoned the communication company heads, prepared neighbouring state to send supplies right after the cyclone passes, recovered power, recovered normalcy in record time.

Won Hearts.!

15. Franklin Templeton, Fintech Valley, Signature Towers, Innovation Tower to Vizag.

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One of the first big companies to step into Vizag is the prestigious Franklin Templeton. Fintech Valley in Visakhapatnam has been attracting many more companies to Vizag, the City of Destiny.

P.S: Meanwhile Pawan Kalyan thinks that Franklin Templeton is a person who lives in US.

16. Making Rayalaseema the Electronic Manufacturing Hub.

Xiaomi, Foxconn and many other Electronic Manufacturers made Sri City and Rayalaseema their home.

17. New Terminal to Vijayawada Airport and International Flights to Vizag.

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An amazing new terminal is built in Vijayawada in record time and has made it comfortable for people to fly from Vijayawada.

Direct flights to Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Sri Lanka have started from Vizag to make it more accessible to the world.  So to be done in Vijayawada too.

18. Making Vehicle Registration process online.

Andhra Pradesh is the only state in the country to fully automate the Vehicle registration process removing the middle men.  Vehicles are registered automatically at the time of sale and there is not contact between RTA and the Consumer removing any chance for Bribes.


19. Fibergrid –  Cheapest Internet Ever !

AP FiberGrid is World’s cheapest internet service rolled out by the government where Internet and TV are provided at INR 149 Only making people access the information across the globe.

20. LED and IoT-fying Street Lights

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LEDfying the Street Lights has made AP stand as role model by saving millions of Units of Power.

8 lakh 30 thousand Street Lights have been transformed into LED and IoT enabled.

You can check which Street Lights are on and which are Not from CM dashboard and any one with repair has to be back into action within an SLA of 24 hours.

21. E Cabinet. First and one and Only.

Cabinet meeting have turned Paper Free, making it efficient and smart.

22. Digital Classrooms. Government Classrooms that are more smart than that of private schools.

Class rooms are Digitalized by providing internet, screen, audio system, computer and digital content to make children learn more efficiently.

23. Bike Ambulances for Tribals

Bike Ambulances were launched to make medical care accessible to the remotest parts of the State.  This has been a boon in the Tribal Areas where the access by road is limited.

24. Solar Pumpset for Farmers

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Solar Pumpsets were given to farmers at subsidised prices making them access power for free and anytime they wish.

25. Highest GDP Growth in the Nation

Andhra Pradesh under Mr.Naidu has achieved Double Digit Growth rate, highest in the Country.

AP has been growing at an average of 10.5% Growth Rate while India’s Avg growth rate is about 7%.

26. NTR Sujala

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NTR Sujala has been implemented in various places across the state where clean water is made accessible at very low cost of only Rs. 2 for 20 Litres of Water.

27. Anna Canteen

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Anna Canteens have been rolled out to make food accessible for cost as low as Rs. 5.

28. 24*7 Power.

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Power Cuts were a very common scene until Mr.Naidu took over the government.  Andhra Pradesh since then been having 24*7 Power even in the Peak Summer where the demand is very high.

Thanks to the LED conversion of Street Lights as well as Lights at home, Millions of Units have been saved reducing the demand. Also, Additions of 2000 MW of Solar Power and 3000 MW of Wind Power in the last 4 years has been a huge add on making Andhra Pradesh one of the most Efficient and Green states.

29. CII Partnership Summit

CII Partnership Summit was held successfully in Visakhapatnam for 3 times in a row, which is very rare as PS happens in a new state everytime.

This attracted thousands of crores of investment to AP and with it JOBS.!

30. Collaboration with Bill Gates for Agri Growth.

Bill Gates came down to Andhra Pradesh to collaborate with the growth of Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh.

31. NTR Housing Scheme

Apartment styled homes were built for the low income group across Andhra Pradesh to help them have a home.

32. Jobs Jobs Jobs !

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An investment of 15,95,157 Crores was attracted and which will trickle down into 36,58,280 Jobs, of which 2,97,370  Jobs have already gone live.

You can track which company gave what jobs here at: https://www.apindustries.gov.in/investment_ap/

Kia has started hiring in ananthapur, IT companies started to hire in Vizag, Amaravati and Tirupati.

33. Water to Rayalaseema for the first time after more than 4 decades.

Many rivers and lakes have seen water after more than 4 decades. This was possible by saving water in Srisailam as Godavari water was pumped to Krishna. Then the Water in Srisailam was diverted to Rivers and Canals across Rayalaseema making Rayalaseema see Irrigation Water after Decades.

34. Chandranna Bheema helping families of workers in unorganized sector stand back on their foot.


An financial help of 5 Lakh INR is being given to families of workers who face sudden demise to make their families stand back and kids continue their education when they lose the bread earner of the family.

35. People First. 1100 Response Center.

1100 Call center was launched and a ticket number is created for every complaint and is tracked till closure.  CM directly monitors the performance of the number of issues being resolved.

A total of 80, 213 complaints are received as of Sep 2017 and of which  44919 cases were resolved, other being pending and work in progress.

Next time you have an issue with a government service, Call 1100.


36. Finalising World Class Designs for Amaravati.

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Norman Foster group has given some amazing designs for Amaravati Assembly building, High Court and other Structures.

Amaravati City Scape

 View of Assembly Building. 

View of High Court Building, Amaravati

37. Amaravati to Ananthapur Express Way.

A Straight line Highway that will cut down the travel time from Rayalaseema to Amaravati which is 10 hours now is planned, Land acquisition is close to complete, but due to unavailability of Fund from the Center, this project is waiting to get implemented.

Once implemented this Express Way will stand as a Benchmark for the Nation and will be a Pride of South India kicking off Economic progress in new areas of Andhra Pradesh.


38. Renovation of Bus Stands used by Millions of People.

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All the bus stands across the state are renewed and maintained the cleanest ever.  Bus Stands this summer also got huge coolers to keep the Passengers at Comfort making APSRTC a got to Travel Partner.

39. Andhra Pradesh Stood No.1 in Increase in Forest Cover.

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Andhra Pradesh Stood No.1 in Increase of Forest Cover between 2015-2017 with 2141 sq km, followed by Karnataka with 1101 sq km and Kerala with 1043 sq km.

40. Kicking off Building the Mega City, Amaravati.

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The Roads are even clearly visible on Google Maps

8 Line Roads Across Amaravati are  close to Finish. MLA Quarters are under construction. Other major constructions to start soon.

Andhra Pradesh is also a model state in Open Defecation Free with 37,01,615 Toilets built in the last 4 years.

17,000 Kms of Cement Roads have also been laid across towns and Villages of Andhra Pradesh, 6000 Kms of Roads in last year alone.



Considering that Andhra Pradesh is a newly formed state left with no revenue and a Capital City to operate from, First 4 years of Mr.Chandrababu Naidu Government have definitely set a vision for the progress to come and has brought the state from Revenue losses to a Stable Economy with a Capital in Making.

Andhra Pradesh has also achieved No.1 status in multiple areas like Cleanliness, Good Governance, Ease of Doing Business, Usage of Technology in governance, Best Water Management, etc.

Wishing Andhra Pradesh a Progressive Future and Amaravati a Happening City Soon.