30 facts about Karnataka that will make you want to visit!


Karnataka is a South Indian state, surrounded by Maharashtra and Goa on the north, Andhra Pradesh on the east, and Tamil Nadu and Kerala on the south. The name ‘Karnataka’ is derived from ‘Kari-Nadu’, meaning ‘land of black soil. Situated on the western edge of the Deccan plateau, the state was formed in 1956. Here’s presenting 30 interesting facts about the state.

1. History

Karnataka was first created on 1s November 1956 with the name of the Mysore state. And on November 1973, it changed to Karnataka.


2. The first woman to lead an armed rebellion against the British is from Karnataka

Before the queen of Jhansi, Laxmi Bai took up arms; Rani Chennamma (1778-1829), Queen of the princely state of Kittur was the first person to lead an armed rebellion against British governance. In 1824, she rebelled against the kappa tax. More than three decades before Laxmi Bai.


3. KKGSS- Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha

In Bengeri in Hubli, is the only unit in India that is authorized to manufacture and supply the Flag of India.


4. Father of Carnatic Music -Purandara Dasa

He systematized the entire system of teaching Carnatic music that is followed to this day.


5. Vijayanagara Empire

It has lasted longer than the Mughal Empire and has left behind the famous Hampi ruins.

Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar EmpireSourceindiatourconsultant

6. Economy of Karnataka

Karnataka has become the hub of IT industry with its growing presence in the city of Bangalore.


7. Second highest plunge waterfall

Gersoppa aka Jog Falls, is the second-highest plunge waterfall in the country.


8. Mysore palace

Built in 1912 by Krishnarajendar waydir IV. After taj mahal, this is the most visited place in India.


9. Second largest dome

Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur has second largest pre-dome in India.


10. Famous persons and born legends

Bhimsen Joshi the khayal singer, human-computer Shakuntla Devi, Deepika Padukone, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble, former captain of the Indian Test team and spin legend were natives of Karnataka.

Royal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi Daredevils - IPLSourcecriclounge

11. 50,000 palm leaf manuscripts

Mysore has one of the oldest libraries in India, known as the Oriental Research Institute.


12. First to publish weekly newspaper

Mysore city was the first one to publish weekly newspapers in Kannada in 1859.


13. First private radio in the country

In 1935, M.V. Gopalaswamy started the first private radio broadcasting station of India.


14. Biggest walk-through aviary

Karanji Lake in Mysore which is surrounded by Butterfly Park and a walk-through aviary is considered to be the biggest “walk-through” aviary India.


15. First to build artillery in the country

Developed by Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali n the 1780s, it was in Mysore the first metal cylinder and iron-cased rocket artillery were created.


16. Modern education

A free English school was established in 1833. The first college to be set up for higher education was the Maharajas College, founded in 1864.


17. Heard about the palace that was built by a school principal?

The Bangalore palace was constructed by Rev. Garett in 1826 who was also the first principal of the Central High School.


18. Sofa so good

In Bangalore palace, the rajas had this wooden sofa that can seat two people and can also calculate the weight of the person sitting on it.

bangalore-palace (1)Sourcetripadvisor

19. 5 in one

Bijapur is that one district through which all these five rivers flow.


20. The ten-day carnival

Mysore’s 10 day Dasara festival triumph is world famous and thousands of tourists around the world come to witness the beautiful celebration.


21. Present the largest

Karnataka is the largest south Indian state now.


22. The first Kannada-English dictionary

The first Kannada-English dictionary was written by Ferdinand Kittel.



ALL in one Karnataka is a place of Water Delight: Karwar Beach(Uttara Kannada), Malpe Beach(Udupi)Hill Stations: Nandi Hills, Kermana Gundi(Chikmagalur), Gangamoola,Madikeri,Kudremukh, Niligiri Hills etc.National Parks: Bandipur National Park(Chamarajanagar),Anshi National Park(Uttara Kannada), Bannerghatta National Park(Bengaluru) And list don’t stop and Karnataka is also a home to around 18 wildlife sanctuaries.


24. Karnataka- The Band

NOT just a state name but do you know an English band is named after it.


25. Devanahalli

This is now the site of the new Bengaluru airport and is the birthplace of Tipu Sultan.

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26. Jnanapith Awards

Karnataka hosts the maximum number of Jnanapith awardees. The state has won eight.


27. 1,2,3,4- no we aren’t talking about song

A total of 13 languages are spoken in Karnataka; with Kannada being dominant.


28. The hub of sandalwood

Sandal soap and Sandal oil from the state are renowned all over the world.

maysore-sandal-soap set1279201249Sourceindiaabundance

29. Silk

85% of raw silk of India is marketed and produced in Karnataka.


30. Chanakya or Kautilya’s Arthashastra

The oldest surviving manuscript of the Arthashastra is in the Oriental Research Institute; originally set up as the Mysore Oriental Library in 1891. This gave Indians and the world a masterpiece.


And the tour never ends, Karnataka we can’t get enough of you!