Andhra Pradesh becomes the Student Startup Heaven with its New Policies which include Student Year Break, Mac Books to StartUps and many more.



Steve Blank and Bob Dorf define a startup as:

“an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”

In this case, the verb “search” is intended to differentiate large, i.e. highly valued, startups from small businesses, such as a restaurant operating in a mature market.
Startup ideas are abundant among many but do not know Where and How to Start?

Here is your golden opportunity: 30 days to Startup Andhra Pradesh.

This is why the campaign is awesome way to let your idea get wings :

1. Start Up Village, the home for Budding Entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneur Rich State.


Andhra Pradesh Govt partnered with Start up Village to provide a PPP model which helps students across the state with state of the art facilities, mentorship and platform to prove themselves.

Basically Public-private partnership (PPP) is a funding model for public projects which means all you need to start-up is a great Idea.


2. The Student Entrepreneurship Policy.


The introduction of Student Entrepreneurship Policy by Govt of AP is a boon for start-up culture. AP is the first state to come up with a Start up and innovation policy,  It gives wings to students to pursue entrepreneurship while being at College.

The policy has some cool provisions like 20 Percent Attendance and 5% grace marks and also a break year for students  to experience the process of turning an idea into a start-up and then continue with studies, which eventually helps in boosting the confidence of students and makes them successful entrepreneurs.


3. Collaboration with universities and colleges across the state.


Start-up village empanelled with JNTU Kakinada and Anantapur to aid the colleges in broadening their curriculum in such a way that it gets diversified. It influences young minds  and helps build-up business models. It polishes the leadership and soft skills which nurture the students. This will result in providing tremendous opportunities for students and expanding the horizon.


4. You can get a degree in Entrepreneurship along with your


The empanelled universities will now give minors in entrepreneurship which will be a benchmark in history of academics in India. There are only few colleges across India which offer this degree. This helps the students to start-up during college days and come out with an additional degree apart from their bachelor’s.

Just imagine you understand the know-how of building a product, revenue, customers during your engineering days. We are finally getting on par with universities in the USA.

5. Start Ups get an amazing Start up kit which also includes an I phone 6s and a Mac Book Pro. Come with a great Idea, or come with a passion to Start Up, and you will love being an Entrepreneur at Start Up Village.


Every team gets a Startup Box which consists of 10 cool productivity gadgets like an iPhone 6s,  nexus 5x, mac-book pro, xps13 , dongle, iPad mini, kindle and many accessories for 6 months. What more you can ask for?

This kit gives a kickstart for the amateur start-ups.

6. 24*7 Access to the incubator for students to build their products.


Every Start-up can have 24*7 access to incubators so that they have support of a great bandwidth, physical office space and meeting rooms.
This helps the start-ups to get an office space during their initial stages.
No more canteen table conferences and tissue paper graphs.

7. You can now proudly say NO ! to Infosys, TCS and the US Student Visa.


An authentic student basically has only two options after his/her college. They are :
A job or further studies. Now Start Up Initiative add the Best option, Job Create ( Entrepreneur ).

8. Next time when you talk to student from AP, stop asking them which year did they passout, you can ask them, which Start Up idea are they working on.

sunrise start up vizag andhra pradesh

Andhra Pradesh will now witness a new trend. Students graduating will now be identified by their field of excellence/expertise such as “the batch of e-commerce, fin-tech, saas” instead of being called “batch of 2016,17”, etc.

Sounds exciting.! Isn’t it ?

9. More incubation spaces in colleges across AP.


Start Up village and the Govt of AP is encouraging students to have incubators and Entrepreneurship-Cells in their colleges so that students get space and facility to work on their ideas in the colleges as well.

This helps many students to take off from academics and work on ideas which are lingering in their brains and build strong networks, meet and discuss events with like-minded people.

10. A university on the internet to build more Start-Ups across AP.


The Start Ups in AP will now have a chance to be a part of the first Internet university. Students can have a chance to interact with fellow start-ups in the batch daily basis, weekly hangout calls , office hours with mentors, structured process of building a product, town-halls etc which helps the student to build a start-up in their college using the start-up box.

All this to be achieved we need only one thing : MULTIPLE BOX THINKING

Celebrating the launch of SV.CO with 30 days to Start Up Andhra Pradesh


30 days to start-up Andhra is a campaign to help students liberate with the thought of entrepreneurship. The end goal of the campaign is to reach many students across AP and build more incubation spaces, build more affiliate partners to support start-up ecosystem and orient people about the PLAYBOOK, SV.CO and importance of start-up culture.

This campaign is a foundation for an evolution – The Start Up Revolution.