25 Best selling beer brands in India that you can unwind with


No matter how crowded the bus is, the ticket collector always manages to fit in and make things better. When it comes to alcohol, beer is the ticket collector that fits in anywhere and makes sure you have a good time. Be it watching a cracking football game or just chilling in your PJs on a Sunday afternoon. So this Friday, South Report brings to you the 25 best selling beers in India

25. Tuborg

Slowly expanding its market in India, this slightly bitter beer is one of the rising stars of the market. And the only reason it is ranked so low on the list is because apart from your 18-year-old drinking buddy, no one really says ‘Hey Tuborg is my favourite beer’. It is India’s favourite third choice beer with the first two places being shared by a number of other brands.


24. Kalyani Beer

The pride of India’s communist stronghold in the east, Kayani Beer has remained Bengal’s top beer for a few decades now. Known to pack a punch, this extremely strong beer goes pretty well with the Bengali Mach Patodi and is 24th on our list.


23. Godfather Beer

The beer has nothing to do with the epic book and film series. But one thing in common between them is that when your done with either of them, you’ll need to sit down, hold your head in your hands, and contemplate what’s happening to you.

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22. Bullet Beer

This is one of the most aptly named beer on the list and is Rajasthan’s favourite beer. Hence proving that a Bullet in every form are loved in Rajasthan, be it the real ones in a gun, their bikes or their beer.


21. Hoegardeen

This is India’s most popular wheat beer. Needless to say, it is popular across north India because they love everything made of wheat up there. Smooth, foamy and light, this makes for a perfect brunch beer, unless you’re planning to drive after that.


20. Heineken

Most of you football fans know them from their annoyingly confusing advertisements in between all those epic champions league football clashes. But there seems to be a silver lining after all. The ‘proud sponsor of European football’ happens to be one hell of a beer and popular across all urban stretches of the country.


19. Goa Kings beer

The name tells enough about the origins about the beer. This particular brand is Maharashtra’s favourite and has monopolised the beer market in a city as diverse as Mumbai. With its overall country launch expected any time now, there are chances we might have a new favourite.


18. Stella Artois

Belgians have always been the dark horses in almost every race. And the case is no different in terms of beer. Stella Artois is Belgium’s finest beer which is relatively mild but rated highly for its texture and a unique taste that leaves you wanting more.


17. London Pilsner

If beers were an animal, London Pilsner would be the dog solely because of the loyalty factor it carries. Despite a wide array of beers being introduced in the market, this mild beer remains Western India’s favourite beer.

16. Bira 91

After seeing the fanfare for their beer brands in India, Belgium decided to brew a beer in its own country and make it for India. Very new to the market, the beer has already taken Delhi and Bengaluru by storm and is known for the slight citrus after taste.


15. Fosters

Australians have always had a huge fan following in India, be it their cricketers, their actors, their citizenship or their beer. Fosters is one of the top most brands across the country and is known for its strong initial hit but a smooth after taste.

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14. Zingaro beer

For over a decade now, this beer has been one of India’s strongest beer. Extremely bitter in taste, this beer is meant to get you up there in a few minutes and is known to keep you there for a while. This beer, like a Quentin Tarantino film has a strong character, a definite texture and a cult following.


13. Kingfisher Premium

For many Indians, Kingfisher light is the first taste of beer. Loved across the country, this is India’s favourite light beer. Nothing fancy about it, this is a straightforward beer that leaves you buzzing after about three pints, which is cute compared to the other contenders on the list.


12. Haywards 5000

For most people living in major cities, the first mention of this beer was from their friends/cousins living in three and four tier cities.Further made popular by ‘inspiring’ advertisements of a man waking up early to go to work and succeed in life, we can assure you, no one’s waking up early from this beer’s hangover.


11. Budweiser Magnum

A stronger and crisper version of the renowned Budweiser beer, the only reason Magnum is so low on the list is because of its lack of availability across the country. Crisp, smooth and strong, this is everything you want from your beer.


10. Knock Out

This is the only beer on the list that has named itself after its own after effect. Strong, bitter, and anything but smooth, this beer is northern rural India’s favourite beer which goes well with literally anything that is being eaten with it. Because the only reason you’ll be eating with this beer is to get rid of the overwhelmingly strong bitter after taste.


9. Corona

Probably the most controversial beer on the list, Corona has divided the generally chilled out beer lovers and pitted them against each other. Originally from Mexico, this light beer is very un-beer like, yet has a certain charm that makes you want to keep going for one more.


8. Kingfisher Ultra

Anther product of Indian beer giants Kingfisher, this is undoubtedly their best version of the beer. It is crisp, has a sweet after taste and does the job pretty quickly. Picking up quickly in markets across the country, this variant of the Kingfisher brand is here to stay.


7. Miller

Considered to be a better and slightly more stronger version of the Kingfisher Ultra, this American beer has a very staunch following in various circles across the country. The only problem though, with this beer is its availability.


6. Cobra beer

Cobra beer is undoubtedly one of the best selling premium beers in the country. Predominantly available in the southern parts of the country, this beer is highly rated by everyone who has had it.


5. Kingfisher Strong

Kingfisher Strong is a household name across the countries. Cheap, readily available everywhere, crisp and strong, this beer is everything an Indian wants from his beer. Perfect after a tiring day, a couple of lagers of this bad boy and you’re knocked out till morning.


4. Victoria Bitter

Australia’s favourite brand arrived in India very recently and has managed to take the market by storm. Most of us in the south only have seen this beer on the jerseys of the Australian cricket team as the availability of this beer is only in the Delhi NCR region for now.


3. Carlsberg Elephant

At number three, Carlsberg Elephant stands tall amidst all sorts of competition. Strong in the truest sense of the word, the makers of this beer made no effort to make it smooth, and that somehow has become its best feature – a raw strong taste.


2. Budweiser

From football matches to casual house parties and corporate events to the new-age start up parties, Budweiser is your safest bet while shopping for beer. It is the Mr Dependable of beer and has been that way for a long time now.


1. Kingfisher Draught

Top of the list is Kingfisher’s draught beer that comes straight from the tap in a pitcher or a tower based on your preference. This reason it makes it to the top is because it is the just ordinary beer that has a touch of class to it. The taste is that of India’s favourite Kingfisher strong but the fact that it comes straight from the tap makes it stand out from all the others.


Disclaimer: Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.