20 things that are common between the Power Bros of India Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu


1. Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu took their respective states to the top when they were Chief Ministers.


2. Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh became hubs of business under their leadership.


3. Both of them believe in excellence in governance.

MODI FINAL_0Sourcedeccanchronicle

4. Their respective parties, BJP and TDP are a part of the National Democratic Alliance and have a strong anti-congress perspective.


5. Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi, both share similar ideologies.


6. The two leaders ensured their government officers worked hard for the people and worked efficiently.


7. They both made technology the core of good governance.


8. Did you know both of them were born in the same year? Yes! 1950.


9. Industrialists and investors love these two leaders immensely, owing to their policies!

CBN and Modi

10. While their achievements are rarely shown on mainstream media, they are champions on Social Media, where they directly and actively interact with the people.


11. They are self-made men; as CBN is the son of a farmer and Modi is the son of a tea-seller.


12. They both are extremely into Information Technology and also have excellent relations with the USA and other countries.


13. Their oration inspires everyone!


14. They wake up at 5 and start their day early!


15. They both keep fit by practising Yoga. No wonder they are so energetic even at 65!


16. They work for 20 hours a day! Can you believe that???


17. They travel a lot; getting a lot of investments and other benefits for their people.


18. Both of them are great fans of the late scientist, Bharat Ratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

CBN APJSourceI’m with TDP

19. They are good friends with Global CEOs!

facebook mark zuckerberg and narendra modi

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20. Mr. Modi and Mr. Naidu both are known for their extremely nationalistic, patriotic values and believe that India can be a super power.


On behalf of their followers, wishing the Power bros all the Energy in achieving a Developed India.