20 international holidays that you can take under Rs. 50K


As people’s jobs get hectic by the day, things to do on vacations become extravagant. Travelling has become on such trend across the country but a trip to Goa or Munnar is just not enough. Guess what, you can go abroad without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are international holidays you can take in under Rs 50,000.

1: Sri Lanka:

Ravana’s kingdom was hostile back in the day but in the modern age, its doors are wide open to Indian tourists. Beach facing villas, oil massages, an array of seafood and lots of hospitality await you in the tear drop, south of India. The flight tickets to here will cost you roughly 18K and accommodation can be taken care of from Rs 8K leaving you with loads of money to explore the island nation.


2: Bhutan:

Another one of India’s neighbours, Bhutan is one hell of a foreign destination, which is also cost effective. The place is full of scenic beauty and Buddhists and is one of the most receiving countries for Indian tourists. Flight rates start from 10K and basic hotel costs begin from Rs 8K.



3: Nepal:

The World’s only Hindu country might is yet another foreign destination that you can visit in under Rs 50k and still have one hell of a time. The home of the world’s highest mountain has a lot to see including the Everest base camp, a lot of more mountains and a dysfunctional democracy. It just takes Rs 12K to book a flight and Rs 10K to book a hotel in this dreamy place.


4: United Arab Emirates:

If you’re okay with going to Dubai and not having dinner with the sheikh, you can have one hell of a trip in under Rs 50K. Hitch-hiking to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and accommodation with AirBnB should make this an adventure for a lifetime. All you need to do is shell out 24K for flights and roughly 12K for your stay and you can have an adventure of a lifetime.


5: Singapore:

This is a country that earns most of its revenue from tourism and hence, it has the cheapest packages to get in as many people as possible. Over the years, this has become one of India’s favourite tourist destination. Flights to Singapore if booked early will cost you close to 26K and accommodation for a week begins from Rs 12K leaving you with enough to have a great time here.


6: Thailand:

This place is an example of what China would have been like if it was cool. Although very notorious, Thailand has a lot to offer and dead cheap prices for Indian tourists and is certainly one of the best places on this list. Shelling out 22K on flights and 12K on accommodation will get the job done for you.


7: Vietnam:

Known famously for being the only country to defeat the big brother, Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful place for a country that was war torn in recent history. The sceneries and cuisine are the highlights of a visit to this place. Flight tickets will cost you 26K and accomodation for a week begins from Rs 10K.


8: Maldives:

This country should be on the top of your visiting list as it is facing a battle with nature and global warming might end up submerging these islands soon. The place offers you beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs, lagoons and an insane spread of sea food. Flights would not cost you more than 16K and accommodation is as cheap as Rs 12 K.


9: Indonesia:

Another Island nation south-east of India, Indonesia offers a perfect mix of culture, scenic beauty and pocket-friendly tourism. You can choose to either hang up your boots and relax for a couple of days or take the hike to the volcanic mountains. Flights to Indonesia begin at 26K and accommodation begins from 10K.


10: Malaysia:

You might know this from the advertisements on television advertising ‘Malaysia truly Asia’ with beautiful visuals. And all amazing beauty is available to you at under Rs 50k. Flight tickets are close to 24K and the accommodation for a week begins from 14K.


11: Hong Kong:

The autonomous state away from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong makes for one amazing budget travel destination. The place is everything you saw as a kid in Jackie Chan movies and it is an experience worth having. Hong Kong flights from across the country being at 24K and accommodation is cheaply available.


12: Myanmar:

Another one of India’s neighbours, Myanmar doesn’t really have a reputation for tourism because of the political conflict in the nation. However, over the recent year, the conflict has cooled down and it is back to being a scenic tourist destination. Flight tickets cost roughly 14K and the accommodation is very cheap at 6K leaving you with a lot of money to explore the beautiful country.


13: Egypt:

Home to the remains of the world’s oldest civilization and the pyramids that will leave you to spell bound, Egypt is one of the best places you can visit in under 50 K provided you get your flight tickets early. Flight tickets to Egypt can be booked at 26K if you act well in advance. Once there, however, the accommodation should be done in less than 10K.


14: Kenya:

If you can book the flight tickets well in advance, this place too slides into the umbrella of being a budget destination. The entire journey is about exploring the wild midlands of the African continent and reliving the movie Lion King. Flights to Kenya might cost you 30K if booked early, but here’s the thing, once there, everything else is cheap and your stay should be sorted in 6K.


15: Turkey:

The costliest part about the visit to Turkey is the airfare. With prices that are good enough for Indian tourists to have a royal time here, the land where east meets the west makes for a brilliant budget travel destination. The only costly part about the tour to Turkey is flight tickets which will end up costing you close to 30K. But once there, the life of a king awaits you at 10K for a week.



16: Bangladesh:

Another one of India’s neighbour’s, Bangladesh is a pocket-friendly international destination. Apart from having a fast developing cricket team, the country is a mixture of a little bit of India and Pakistan and is a must have experience. Travel to Bangladesh doesn’t cost more than 16K and the stay here is as cheap as it gets at 10k.


17: Mauritius:

A tiny spec in the vast Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a volcanic island and promises an experience like no other place. Add coral reefs and lagoons to that and you see this place climbing up the ladder of your priority list. If booked early, the flight tickets and stay can be taken care of in Rs 30K and 12K respectively.


18: Cyprus:

Cyprus, the island where Neerja Bhanot’s hijackers wanted to take the flight to, is actually a pretty good hliday destination under 50K. Located in one of the most pleasant climatic conditions, this Island sees a fusion between western and eastern cultures. The flights to Cyprus can be booked at roughly 36K and the accommodation will cost you another 10K.


19: Lebanon:

Not many places can be party places when they are bordered by Syria on one side and Israel on the other. However, Lebanon manages to do that and do that in style. This party capital of the world is an ideal holiday destination if you want to party like no one else. With flights costing you 30K and stay costing you another 10K, this is a trip that you must take if you’re a party animal.


20: Jordan:

Home to ancient monuments, nature reserves, loads of resorts and a history that will leave you in splits, this Arabic nation is all you can ask for in a vacation below 50K. A round trip to this place will cost you close to 35K and 10K more should seal your stay here.