16 Reasons to Rethink about your travel by the all new Air India.



1. That Indian Flag gives you a warm welcome and brings that Swadesh Music as the journey Starts.


2. The Massive Air Craft welcomes you with yet another Indian Flag proudly Printed on the Cockpit.


3. Onboard, its mostly made in India. The Daaru Desi ūüėČ

In picture is the Fine Wine, Sula -A Produce of India.

4. For ones who have been missing Indian Food, Yeah the Biryani, Lamb and Chicken Curries are awesome.!

Btw, The Air Hostesses aren’t Aunties anymore, atleast on the International Flights.

5. Its Tech filled flight, keep tracking those places you are flying over.
6. Not a big fan of Hollywood movie.?  Bollywood, Tollywood and every Indian Wood is fully loaded on your Air India flight.
7. Best part with Air India’s International Travel is your connecting flights are in India and you don’t have to get out of the flight and walk around the Terminal trying to figure out the way.
They mostly stop over to load some Yummy food from Gateway Group.
8. You land in between a lot of look alike Flights. ūüėÄ

Air India Delhi

9. Indian Pilots are Awesome.  They are well trained and experienced. Say hi to them.

That “STAR”, We are part of the Star Alliance.

10. Get Amused by the Connectivity Map of Air India. They fly to almost every airport in India, to keep you connected.


Agatti Airport in Lakshadweep is on an Amazing Island. Book a Window seat and Fly to lakshadweep, its worth a flight.

Agatti AirportSourceYoutube

11. Oh Ya, there is Whats your Rashi stuff too.!
12. India is a friendly country to almost everybody, Feel safe when Flying on an Indian Airlines.  Yes, Air India has an amazing safe flight record.


13. You sometimes fly over the Not so friendly Countries like Pakistan, Don’t Worry, you are still safe.
14. Some lucky ones get a Breathtaking Sunrise view of the Great Himalayan Mountains.
15. After Emirates Airways, Air India pays the highest Salary to Pilots, They deserve it, they are Well Trained and have great Experience. Each Flight is a great Experience.
Touch Down.!
16. If its a visit to India, It has to Air India.  Our Country, Our Airlines.
Jaisa Team India, Waisa Air India. Own it and say Athidhi Devobhava.
Introduce India to the Foreign Tourists.
 Love India. Travel by Air India.
 Southie: Jitendra.


featured image: Flickr