15 unusual but awesome combinations you can try with Sambar


Sambar is a signature South Indian house-hold dish, known for the simplicity and for its taste of lentils and spices cooked together in a tangy soup which gives it the perfect taste. While it is eaten with the usual variety of foods like Idly, Wada, Rice, Dosa, etc., here are some unusual but surprisingly good combinations that you can try with Sambar.

Unusual Sambar Delights:

1. Sambar + Maggie:


Sambar and Maggie are both comfort foods. But if you are the one who doesn’t shy away from experimenting, add a half cup of Sambar to that simmering Maggie. Finish it off with a generous teaspoonful of ghee on top and binge away!

2. Sambar + Fried Bread:


Hunger pangs in the middle of the night and there’s nothing in the fridge except some bread and some leftover sambar? Just deep fry the bread and soak it in piping hot sambar for a few minutes. A perfect midnight snack!

3. Sambar + Pulihora:


We all love the tangy Pulihora which is a blend of different flavours; whether it is the gritty peanut or the hot sliced green chili or the tanginess of the tamarind. But, you want to take the tsunami of flavours to a next level? Add a couple of spoons of some spicy, steamy sambar to it and challenge your tastebuds!

4. Sambar + Coconut Rice:


Coconut rice is mild and light and goes well with any gravy. Ever tried it with Sambar? If you haven’t; do it now and enjoy the sweetness, spiciness and the mildness all in one mouthful.

5. Sambar + Chapati:


Chapatis are usually eaten with some curry or daal; but try this and you’ll be amazed. Just tear up a chapatti into a bowl of sambar and let it absorb all the goodiness of the spicy sambar and voila!

6. Sambar + Curd Rice:


While curd rice usually ends the meal, for a change, begin the meal with curd rice mixed with some sambar. Let it all run on your plate and slurp away!

7. Sambar + Mooli Parantha:


When North meets South! When Punjab meets Andhra! Dip those soft, buttery paranthas into Sambar and enjoy the fusion… We didn’t say unity in diversity for no reason. *wink*

8. Sambar + Fried Chicken:


Have some fried chicken from KFC or some other place, dip it in sambar and amaze yourselves! It’s not as weird as it sounds, surprisingly…

9. Sambar + French Fries:


Same as the above! Only difference, while you just dip the chicken in the above one; here you liberally soak the French fries in Sambar… *Mouth waters*

10. Sambar! Just by itself!:


If you see ‘Tangy lentil soup in a tamarind base, seasoned with fine tomatoes and shallots and subtly tempered with mustard and red peppers’ or some such in a five-star hotel’s menu under the soup section, you’ll definitely order it. But guess what, that’s just your plain sambar! Take a bowl of it and soup away! And we also heard it is great for a cold!

11. Sambar + Potato Chips:


When you’re bored of the plain old sambar rice, add some crunchy, spicy potato chips to it and it’s a whole new experience!

12. Sambar + Punukulu:


While piping hot, freshly fried Punukulu are perfect for an evening snack; with sambar, you can turn that into a perfect dinner. Put a few of them in a bowl of sambar and let them soak up all the tanginess!

13. Sambar + Corn Wada:

Corn wada

Why only have Idly Sambar or Dosa Sambar? Pour some Sambar on to sizzling hot Corn Vadas and relish the taste of the crunchy outer layer in perfect harmony with the soft sambar-soaked inner filling.

14. Sambar + Hyderabadi Naan:


Get one big piping hot spicy sambar filled bowl, tear that thick naan into pieces and dunk them into Sambar! Worth a try.

15. Sambar + Oats:


Oats are healthy, and you usually have it for breakfast with milk. Why not take it to the next level and add Sambar to it! Boil oats in Sambar and surprise yourself.

How many of these did you like? Let us know!

–By Southie Jaya Bonam