15 types of couples you’ll see if you are in a college in South India!


Love is always in the air on college campuses and for many, it is their first brush with the world of romance. All of us have friends in our colleges; who are in relationships and if we observe them closely; we can put them under various categories. Here’s taking a look at a few common types of couples we see in colleges:

1. The social network couple:

Couples 1

These kind of couples are lovers on social networks. They be like ‘oh my baby!’; ‘Oh meri jaanu; jaanwar’ what not?

2. The bro-sis fakers:

2 (2)

Now college campuses also have a lot of gossip about couples. So you also see the couples who pretend to be in a bro-sis relationship; to avoid any gossip; saying things like “Oh he’s just like a brother to me..”

3. The adventure couple:


You can find them always doing some outdoorsy stuff or the other. And they’re not afraid of being open about their relationship!

4. The love-is-blind couple:


They don’t care whether they actually like each other or not. They’re just together because they’re together!

5. The jackpot couple:


People be like ,”OMG he’s so weird. How did she fall for that frog faced guy?” And the guy is like “Yeah baby!”

6. The eternal couple:


These are the ones everyone talks about and looks up to. They’re always happy and everyone just knows they will stay together forever!

7. The friends with benefits!:


These kind of people don’t want the baggage that comes with a relationship and are fine with just doing it *if you know what it means*. And though their friends judge them and say it is wrong or whatever; deep within, everyone wants such a relationship!

8. The confused ones:


They have a lot of mood swings they be like “we shouldn’t be together” one second and the other they switch over to “you are the best thing that has ever happend to me”.

9. The fitness couple:


They take it to a whole new level and even work out together; motivating each other and helping each other!

10. The multiplex couple:

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The only dates they go on are to movies… Because it is a dark room… *wink*

11. The PDA ones:


They don’t care about what’s going on around them and they only care about what’s going on between them… Sometimes grossing everyone out!

12. The stubborn-partner couple:

In these couples, one plans everything while the other just acts accordingly… Kinda like a whipped lion!

13. The party couple:


They go out everynight. They know everyone. They miss nothing. How are they not tired?

14. The stylishly cool couple:


They have all the latest stuff and keep getting more!

15.The Little rascals:


They aren’t sure of what they’ll do 3 days later but childishly make promises of lifetime commitment to each other!

–By Southie Tarun Vakkalagadda