15 Must Do Things in Vizag.


1. Get off the train and curse the humidity.

Humidity vizag


2. Get hooked to eeti(enti or what) and baiyya(brother )


giphy (1)

3.Get on top of any one of the numerous hills and prepare to be amazed


vizag alladin

(offer valid for the few along the beach road)

4. Watch a movie at the famous Jagadamba Theatre.


(they screen English movies sometimes in the smaller theater )

5. Just walk around after a matinee if you are looking to shop for something.

Jagadamba centerSource : Trip Advisor

Its just a crowded street market ,but a lot of fun and the shops close by 11 so..)

6. Wake up Sunday morning and go for a trek at Kambalakonda.

vizag kambalakondaSource 

If you see a shaking bush ,make sure its an animal before you get your cameras out.

7. Go for a walk along the Ramakrishna beach road stretch.

vizag beach roadSource

8. Listen to the guide tell you how a submarine works when you get into this


Vizag submarineSource

Ps:if you are  6ft or taller , you’re screwed !.

9. Wonder why this is called the dolphin nose.

Dolphins nose vizagSource 

(It looks like a whale)

10.Take the ‘ole cable car to the top of Kailasagiri to witness this awesome view.

Kailashgiri vizagSource

When on top walk till you find a babas ashram and get the 25p orange candy for prashad.(only if you do touch the feet of his life size photo)

11. Gather a group of friends and drive to Araku valley

Araku valley vizagSource

Do visit the borra caves.

12. Drive along the long stretch beach road and end up at the bheemili beach.

Bheemili beachSource

(might want to stop breathing when you start seeing dry fish on the road)

13. Try moori mixture, Vizag’s own version of bhel.

Moori mixture vizagSource

(available at all crowded places)

14. Sit on the sand. Do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

beach vizagSource: Prithvi Poosapati

15. Go watch the Waves on the Beach on a Full Moon day with your Dearest one.  There is nothing more Awesome than this.! 

Vizag beach moon light

Source : Naveen Patnaik

Cove image source: Flickr