15 Things you can do in Vizag to get back onto your feet after a breakup…


Deciding what to do when going through a breakup can be tough. Luckily, Vizag has several places to visit and activities to get involved with, to distract you from the sadness. From relaxing your mind and body to engaging all your muscles, Vizag has it all. It’s time to put the past behind and have a blast exploring all the things Vizag has to offer.

1. Early morning run at Tenneti Park


Wake up in the morning, put on your running shoes and head to Tenneti Park. You’ll be surprised how good running by the sea will make you feel. Later, grab some piping hot chai outside the park.

2. Take a drive to Lambasingi


Known as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, this place is the coolest place to relax, literally. Located just 100 Kilometers from Vizag, this is convenient too. Just drive there listening to music and enjoy the sights.

3. Parasailing at Rushikonda


There’s nothing like a little adrenaline to get you back onto your feet. And what better is a way to that than flying like a bird!! Just head to Rushikonda and you can do this.

4. Food! Food! Food!


Vizag has a lot of good food places; whether it is the South Indian richness at Venkatadri Vantillu, Sai Ram Parlour or continental delights at Little Italy and Barbecue Nation. Treat yourself to some nice lunch or dinner!

5. Watch a movie


Watching movie is always fun and though Vizag has a lot of multiplexes, get that old-school theatre experience for a change and head to the iconic Jagadamba Theatre and catch the latest movie. Do it by yourself for that extra fun!

6. Shopping


Whether it is gadgets that you like or clothes; shop till you drop (or atleast to the extent you can afford). This has also been proven in various studies. So go to an of the malls that the city has and splurge on treating yourself!

7. Meditate by the sea


Head to any beach or go to Rushikonda and sit silently and meditate in the early hours of the morning. It will refresh you more than anything else!

8. Gaze at stars at Yarada


Grab a bunch of your buddies and head to Yarada beach. It is away from the hustle-bustle of the city and away from all the light pollution; so you can see a lot more stars there! Just lie down on the beach and look at the stars; bonding with your friends.

9. Party with your BFFs


There is nothing like putting on your sexiest clothes and heading out to party in one of Vizag’s best pubs. Tribe-at the Park, Infinity-Novotel, and Waves-Sheraton are some of the many pubs available in Vizag. There’s nothing better than meeting someone new at a party just when you become single again.

10. Grab an ice cream on the beach


Ice cream solves all problems. Whether its Ice cream from a fancy parlour or Kulfi from a bandi, it’s always great to grab some Ice cream and enjoy the beach view from any of Vizag’s great beaches.

11. Go for a Spa session


Vizag offers several luxury spas that provide you with the much needed relaxation from all the worries of life. Feed the soul and relax with a great mani-pedi at the Novotel, The Park, or Bay Leaf Spa.

12. Go for day out go-karting and paintball!


Release your stresses by getting some adrenaline pumping in your body. You could either drive a car at high speeds on a controlled track or arm yourself with a paintball gun to shoot your friends at one of Vizag’s go-karting and paintball centres.

13. Visit the light house and get lost in the serenity


Drop by the Naval Light house near the Dolphin nose in South Vizag. Referred as the first light of Vizag, the Lighthouse is a very scenic and must-see landmark. A place where land, water and sky meet with each other.

14. Araku by Road


A four hour long scenic drive from Vizag is one of India’s famous hill stations. Make yourself one with nature and enjoy trekking and hiking in Araku to forget all your worries and make sure to get some memorable snaps while you’re there. The journey also allows us to visit places like Tatipudi Reservoir, Jungle Bells at Tyda (Hill station), Anantagiri Hills, and the Galikondalu view point.

15. Thotlakonda


One of the very famous Buddhist Monasteries in the south, Thotlakonda is a hill with the best viewpoint in Vizag. Mesmerize yourself with the coastline of Andhra from Bheemli to Vizag.

–By Southie Jaya Bonam