15 Things That Are Considered Indian but Are Shockingly Not Indian!


You come across a lot of things in your day-to-day life. As much as you feel proud of your country with respect to some of them, here’s a list of things that you thought were Indian but are not:

1. Maruti 800:

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Though the name Maruti suggests Hanuman, the God of speed, the engine is manufactured by Japanese company Suzuki.

2. Bata footwear:

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We all wore them at least once in our lifetime and felt proud about the quality but the Bata family stationed the Headquarters of this company in Switzerland. Started in Czech Republic, the company has more than 5000 retail stores in 60 countries.

3. Marie biscuit:

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Our grandparents have always suggested Marie Gold biscuits with Chai, Coffee, Horlicks or plain milk, though we preferred Good Day or Hide N Seek. The reason might be the little attachment they have with the then rulers of India because Marie biscuits are British products.

4. Flipkart:

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Yes, the Bansals have founded it but Flipkart was registered in Singapore and also owned by a Singapore based holding company. With most of the investors being foreigners, Flipkart sells its products under the name ‘WS Retail’, the name you often find in your delivered packages.

5. Sonia Gandhi:

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Though she married the late Rajiv Gandhi and presided the Indian National Congress Party since 1998, Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born politician, could not be the Prime Minister of India because of her nationality.

6. Rajma Chawal:

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Let alone Punjabi, Rajma Chawal was never an Indian dish. Kidney beans were exported to our country from Mexico first which led to Indian farmers growing it on their lands as well.

7. Kites:

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Though it is a highly popular sport in India, Kites were invented by the Chinese and were more popular in Central Asia before they made their way to India.

8. Samosa:

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Samosa has its origins in Central Asia and it came to India along with the Mughals in the 14th century.

9. Momos

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Momos are favorite to a lot of people in India but they were inspired by a variety of dumplings made in Tibet and Nepal.

10. Silk

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Silk was originated in China first and then it came on to the Indian market. Can you imagine any Indian wedding without silk now?

11. Potato:

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Though many of us strongly consider Potato a part of our household, it was only introduced to us in the 17th century and it was not first grown in India.

12. Chilli

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We all know Guntur is a major producer but it was originated in the American continents. Indian cuisine without chillies is now unthinkable.

15. Kalki Koechlin:

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Contrary to the belief that she is Anglo-Indian, Kalki is french and her parents are french as well. Kalki was born and brought up in Pondicherry.

9. Biryani

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The rulers of Turkey, after invading Central Asia, brought a dish called ‘Pilaf’ to the subcontinent and it gradually got its brand image as Biryani. It is the one thing we can’t live without and yet, it is not Indian.

10. Tea

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Tea was used as a medicine by the Chinese before the British introduced it to us. Another of the things without which life in India is unimaginable!