15 things only 90’s kids would understand.



1. This was our play station

galli cricket


img src

2. And they were our heroes. Actually still are 😉 


img src

3. He scared the s**t out of us..


giphy (6) 

and our moms threatened us saying he will come for us whenever we didn’t do our homework or eat on time.

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4. If you Finished this game.


img src

you did this..

Img src

5. The only snacks available at cinemas were the onion samosa.


img src

6. We saved 5 rupee coins to get the Kwality Walls Biki Max. 

download (8)

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7. The only reason we bought Cheetos. We all had hundreds of these.


img src

8. We loved them & we tried their moves on our younger siblings.



img src

9. The best snack of our childhood.



img src

10. If you lost one of these.. you are screwed.

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11. We all watched these shows and even tried to see if you had super powers.


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download (3)

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12. He was our PM.  ( Vajpayee Thatha 😀 ) 

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13. We begged our parents to get this on a birthday. 


img src

14. This was our Pepsi. 

pepsi gola

15. We rubbed the stains on our canavas shoes with chalks and walked away

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Author: Reshmant