15 Statements Every Non-Engineering Student Is Absolutely Tired of Hearing


You just passed out of 12th and unlike many of your friends, you chose a stream of study other than engineering and that’s it. You are the object of a lot of judgement from various people who sometimes try to give you free advice and at other times, convey their condolences to your parents (for being cursed with a child like you). So here’s taking a look at things every non-engineering students are tired of hearing:

1. After Engineering you can do anything. But why THIS? What will you do after this?


Career options go beyond Engineering and Medicine. Mass Communications, Law, Social Work, Public Policy are some of the lucrative, popular, satisfying career options available. One can do absolutely anything!!!

2. Didn’t you have enough extra-curricular activities in your life?


What do extra-curricular activities have to do with the field we choose? Humanities, communications and a lot more are NOT extra-curricular activities.

3. Good, you are clear on what to do. *Evil Laugh*


Hey there! Sarcasm spotted. Yes, we know and are clear of what to do. Maybe that’s the sole reason why we chose to be different.

4. Didn’t you get through EAMCET OR IIT?


How about, “I didn’t give a damn about those exams???”

5. Don’t worry, you can be happy without money


The biggest myth of them all; that Engineers are the only ones who get paid a lot… *sigh*

6. My Child, look at big picture. Do Engineering


Exactly, I am in fact looking at a big picture. The heated discussions in Political Science or Law have encouraged me to appreciate other points of view, even if I do not agree or History had taught me to learn from the past mistakes and the contributions of our ancestors. Indeed, a ‘Big Picture’. Isn’t it?

7. WAIT- Do you know what you want?


Maybe that is the reason why I opted for this option; which, by the way, anything other than Engineering.

8. It’s because we care for you, Engineering is the best option


Care for us? Then support me for the decision we made. Understand that every stream has its weakness and limitations, and have to choose according to their interest and career objective.

9. You scored 98%, then why humanities?


Conversation starts with what’s your CGPA to why opting for Humanities. Then they say maybe because of our interest in Accounts and Business. But, a long pause ensues. It is just a misconception that Humanities is for those who can’t make it for Engineering. So, they have a different mind-set, like they are more aware and passionate about the world issues, politics, economics, Human Rights and so on.

Just Saying.

10. Your Life, your wish. *Poker Face*


Reactions we encounter for the passion we carry are always in shock, disapproval, despair or even some serious counselling. But we are confident that we made the right choice.

11. So, after this MBA?


It is not always about MBA. There are many other things which can be done before MBA. Maybe we can start learning how to handle work or life while climbing the ladder, or wish to choose a path less traveled and experience the good, the bad, the ugly that comes along with it.

12. It would be hard for you get married


Seriously? So no! We are not here to study engineering just to get married to that fool who thinks he/she wants to marry an engineer. Marriage does not depend upon the profession you choose, but would rather depend on how good you are doing.

13. Not focused on their future


No matter how many times we hear these misconceptions, a part of us still hates them. We are as ambitious as engineers, we plan for a better life and even plan to save.

14. They don’t study at all


Our course-works are as complex as science and engineering are!

15. Those condolence messages your parents get on being a rebellious daughter/son


“Why is she not able to understand?” or “She will realize it very soon, the decision she made is wrong” or “How can she take her own decision, aren’t we experienced?”. They seem more worried than our parents, isn’t it?

If you are someone who is not an engineer, how many of these have you heard? Comment and let us know!

–By Southie Jaya Bonam