15 places you can travel to from Vizag in under Rs. 10K


You have a boring weekend coming up but you don’t have the money to travel? Isn’t this something that has crossed your mind a lot of times? Well, you can actually travel to all these places from Vizag, with a budget Rs. 10,000. Yes! That’s right! A fun-filled trip to any of these places will cost you less than what it costs to buy a decent smartphone and when you come back, you’ll be loaded with memories and stories to tell.

1. Pondicherry:

Located just a couple of hours’ drive from Chennai, going to Pondicherry is like getting a glimpse of France. The 18th century French colonial buildings which you missed can be seen here. From blossoming bougainvillea with crumbing cathedrals, it has it all. You can chill out at the beach with your group of friends. Grab a beer at the sea side shack be prepared to have the time of your life.

Transportation: Rs. 2000; Accommodation: Rs. 1000/day.

2. Hampi:

Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar Empire

Take a few days off to visit one the richest cities during the medival times. Looking at the aquatic structures which remain among ruins of the places and temples could teach you a lot about the architecture of the 16th century.

Transportation: Rs. 2000; Accommodation: Rs. 800/day.

3. Sambalpur:


Sambalpur a popular city in northern Orissa. You can have look at the magnificently built Hirakud dam. There’s also the thousand-bell temple and also make sure to check out the wildlife sanctuary as well.

Transportation: Rs. 2100; Accommodation: Rs.800/day.

4. Cuttack:


It is the formal capital and the second largest city in northern Orissa. With a lot of buddhist sites around and amazing handloom industry; this carries forward the heritage of Orissa.

Transportation: Rs. 2100; Accommodation: Rs. 900/day.

5. Jagdalpur:


It was the earlier capital of erstwhile Bastar. The Chitrakot waterfall which is known as the Niagara of Chandigarh is a wonderful waterfall. One of the most prominent museum of anthropology is in here. Be sure to feel the essence of a natural cave made of limestone.

Transportation: Rs. 1900; Accommodation: Rs. 900/day.

6. Papikondalu:

Papi Kondalu

Witness the best of Godavari, take a scenic ride through the river. The essence of beauty that you get to witness from nature is amazing. Have a stay by the river to enjoy the starry nights and make it better with some fresh sea food.

Transportation: Rs. 600; Accommodation: Rs. 700/day.

7. Gandikota:


Popularly known as the the Grand Canyon of Andhra Pradesh, the Gandikota Fort view point in Pennar gives you an amazing view. It will also satiate the adrenalin junkie in you!

Transportation: Rs. 1500; Accommodation: Rs. 500/day.

8. Lonavala:


It is one of the twin hill stations located near Pune, where you can walk in the clouds. Enjoy the scenic train ride through the clouds and valleys. Monsoon is the ideal time to visit as you fall in love with the amazing climate. Paragliding is one of the many activities to take part in.

Transportation: Rs. 3000; Accommodation: Rs. 800/day.

9. Goa:


Enjoy by the beach with sun-downer parties in Goa. Grab a Beer with friends and step on to the spectacular beaches which make you forget that you are actually in India. Goa also offers activities such as rock climbing and other water sports.

Transportation: Rs. 3000; Accommodation: Rs. 1000/day.

10. Murudeshwar:


The pristine unpolluted beaches will make you want to jump into the waters and take a swim. The Shiva temple by the sea is a perfect place if you are spiritual. If you are up for it, just get onto a boat and head to the coral reef surrounded Netrani Island and snorkel around.

Transportation: Rs. 3500; Accommodation: Rs. 700/day.

11. Horsley Hills:

Horseley Hills

Horesly Hills is a picturesque hamlet in the state of Andhra Pradesh. One can visit them at any time of year the main attraction in here is the wild life sanctuary which consists of wide range of animals. This would be the ideal place for any animal lover.

Transportation: Rs. 2000; Accommodation: Rs. 1100/day.

12. Ooty:


Bring the kid in you back to life through the Nilgiri mountain train. Nilgiri, the land of lakes, offers you with a chance to be one among the nature. One can include this place in their dream destinations.

Transportation: Rs. 2500; Accommodation: Rs. 900/day.

13. Kodaikanal:


This misty hill station is known as the princess of hill stations .The solar observatory present here is known for its view during the night. It is an amazing place to visit. Don’t be surprised if things go against gravity here.

Transportation: Rs. 2500; Accommodation: Rs. 800/day.

14. Srisailam:


While the place is popular for one of the visited shrines of lord Shiva is situated here; another must see landmark is the Srisailam Dam which gives an amazing view when passing through the hills. The Tiger sanctuary is also worth a visit.

Transportation: Rs. 1500; Accommodation: Rs. 500/day.

15. Kochi:


Get the adrenaline flowing at the Wonderla amusement park which one of the most famous water parks in India. The folklore museum consists of historical remains of Kochi’s ruins. Do not miss out on the breakfast the the Kashi art café which is known for its tasty food.

Transportation: Rs. 3500; Accommodation: Rs. 700/day.

*All the transportation is by train, 3-Tier AC, from Vizag.

–By Southie Tarun Vakkalagadda