Andhra University

15 amazing things about Andhra University


It is a moment of celebration for Andhra University; as the university has been awarded an A-Grade, with a 3.6 score by the National Assessment and Accreditation Committee (NAAC). This puts AU second after Jadavpur University among all the state universities and fourth among all universities in the country with JNU and HCU leading the pack.

Here are some interesting facts about Andhra University:

1. The beginning

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Started in 1926, Andhra University has 90 years of tales and legacy. One of the oldest, still running universities in the country, the university has shaped many successes so far.

2. The widespread nature

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Beautifully spread over 422 acres it has Bay of Bengal on one side and the scenic Kailashgiri hill on the other.

3. Campus Canteen

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Many schools of thought are discussed and life-time bonds are made here; over a simple tea and samosa.

4. Love for mother tongue never fades

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The Department of Telugu is one of the oldest departments in the University; having been started along with the University’s inauguration in 1926.

5. Bricks? sand?

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Aptly named Sir Arthur Cotton Bhavan, the Department of Civil Engineering has produced some of the finest engineers since 1955.

6. Your hand doesn’t stop to design

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Established in 1989, the Department of Architecture has been shaping the architecture of the state; both literally and figuratively.

7. Where there is will, there is way

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School of Distance Education, an organ of this University, started in 1972, gives a great opportunity for many to study.

8. Person dies but art remains

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The Department of Fine Arts was established in the year 1976 as part of the University to enrich the culture. To give them exposure to various cultures of the world.

9. Why did the apple fall onto Newton’s head?
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This is a thought that everyone has in school but few take it further. Catering to the physics lovers is the department of Physics. Started in 1932 with just a three year B.Sc (Hons) degree and just 6 students; it is now one of the largest Physics departments in the country.

10. Science and technology go hand in hand

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The College of Science & Technology was started in the year 1931 as the combined Colleges of Arts, Science, and Technology.

11. That huge ground

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This 11 acre ground sure has a lot of memories of sweat and fun. No visit to the university is complete without taking a stroll in the ground for its alumni.

12. Range of studies

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AU offers a wide range of study opportunities and one can opt from various departments like constitutes various departments offering education into faculties such as Arts and Commerce, Engineering, Law, Science and Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Distance Education.

13. The great library

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The Library has huge collection of books apart from important journals , microfilms, paper and palm leaf manuscript. The Library has been serving the academic and research community over years and presently it is serving more than 17,000 users.

14. Amazing Alumni


Ashok Gajapathi, Pantula Rama, LV Prasad, Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, RP Patnayak, Trivikram Srinivas and the list goes on. AU has produced the best in all fields.

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15. Convocation

Convocation hall

The final smile you get when you see yourself getting ready for convocation. Thousands of hearts had walked down those stairs with big smile and eyes of tears. Taking basket full of memories with them, to sail their ship towards the new beginning.

Photographer: Navin Bahirwani