15 Interesting Characteristics that truly define a Hyderabadi!


Hyderabadis can be regarded as the official brand ambassadors of Swag. Whether it is the unique language or their willingness to welcome anyone with open arms or their hospitality; there are many factors that set a Hyderabadi apart from the rest of Indians. Here’s taking a look at some of the most interesting characteristics that define a Hyderabadi.

1. Their love for Biryani:


For an outsider, Biryani might be just another dish but for a Hyderabadi, it is something that is more significant than religion. In fact, if a Hyderabadi gets into an accident, they don’t inject anti-biotics or blood; they just pump in some Biryani.

2. Hyderabadi Baataan aisich karte hai:

Hyd lingo

The unique Hyderabadi lingo is a language of legends… There are movies specifically made in this language! On a serious note, it is a mixture of Hindi and Urdu and is called Deccani.

3. Usage of extremely unique words!:


Hau, yahape potte pottiyaan aisich baataan karte hai (Girls and guys talk like this here) and no conversation is complete without phrases like Kya Miyan (What’s up?); Kaiku re (Why?).

4. Every address is ‘Seeda Jao’:


When you ask someone for an address on a road, the first reply you get is a Seeda Jao; sometimes with an exaggerated Seeeeeeeda

5. The nocturnal love:


Hyderabadis love their city in the middle of the night. Whether it is to eat dosa at Ram ki Bandi or to have a midnight buffet or a midnight biryani or to shake a leg at a pub or to just drive around on the traffic free roads. The city is alive even at night!

6. Love for Food:


If a person in Hyderabad says he/she doesn’t like food; then either that person is lying or is not a Hyderabadi. If you are visiting someone in the city and ask that person what you can do; 9 out of 10 suggestions will be related to food!

7. Hookah in the Nawabi ishtyle:


Hyderabad was ruled by the Nizams for ages and in the true Nawabi style; many Hyderabadis are fond of Hookah!

8. They are Party Animals:


A Hyderabadi will never say no to a party and most of the times; the more the merrier!

9. A Hyderabadi is always friendly:


Everybody is a Bhai here and people are really friendly.

10. The most amazing street food is made by Hyderabadis:


Whether it is Pani Puri or Shawarma or Kebabs or Mirchi Bajji, no one can come up with amazing street food the way Hyderabadis do!

11. They are true Tollywood fans:


Come Friday and all the theatres are always full!

12. Sense of distance:


A Hyderabadi’s sense of distance is very different when compared to that of someone from Vizag or some other city. For instance, any place that is an hour’s drive away is considered to be something that is really close!

13. The late lateefs:


If someone tells you he/she will meet you at 5 pm; you can rest assured that they will not show up till 5.30 at the very least!

14. Mama mia!


Your Telugu speaking Hyderabadi friend will always address you as Mama while talking to you and your Deccani speaking friend will inevitably call you Mia.

15. Bonding in Cafes:


There’s no better way for a Hyderabadi to bond with his buddies than over a piping hot cup of Irani Chai at an Irani Cafe…

–By Southie Tarun Vakkalagadda