14 Silly Reasons friends say to Skip Gym.


1. “I go to gym in alternative days. So i’ll go tomorrow”


is it??!!

2. My shoes are too dirty bro.


people don’t come to gym to see your shoes my dear.

3. Let me buy that sports gear first, then see me change.


To superman?

4. Its sunday bro, The gym might probably be closed today.

help me

Spend rest of the day on the couch.

5. If its saturday or friday: “Its weekend brooooo, lets chill”


yaaaaay!! yes!!

6. On a monday : “Start of the week bro, I have so much work to do, let me be productive today”


Tell me more about your productive day.

7. “Lets me start having a balanced diet, diet is important right??”

vennala 5


8. “body pains yaar, yesterday I had a hell of a workout let me sleep and recover for today.”


9. “pakka from tomorrow, promise”


This is the 4th tomorrow already.!!

10. “I got no time bro!!”


30 minutes in 24 hours is 2% of your day. I assume you are the CEO of Microsoft.

11.  “Its too hot/cold to go out bro.”

stupid face

Don’t go out, stay in.

12. “I have a head ache/ stomach pain”

13. “Today, i decided to workout at home”


14. Girls reason : “I’m on a fast today”

have a good fast love!

Tag your lazy friend with his reason on the post 🙂

Happy Workout.!

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